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This is the second time this is happening to me.
i have a fourth generation iOS 4 IPod.
for the second time, it turned black and didnt came back "alive".
i've read other forums and tried everything, including:
holding the center and upper button for 15-25 seconds
trying to restore on other computers
and such as....
nothing helped my ipod.
when i connect it to the USB Itune's message is "Itunes has found an Ipod in recovery mode, you must restore the Ipod before using it"
and the problem is. i cant restore it....
every time i restore the white bar that shows on my ipod (which is his only signal of life) just sort of becomes white screen, turns to black. and itunes reply with "the Ipod "ipod" could not be restored, an unknown error occurred with a random number after the "occurred" lately its only 28. but it keeps changing. i already got a new Ipod and i Live in israel so getting to the nearest apple store is no easy solution. any professional response will be cherished.

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  • Ingo2711 Level 7 Level 7
    Welcome to the discussions,
    error 28 is pointing to a hardware error, see this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1275
    Did you already try another USB cable?
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    I have also have this problem. A friend has given me his iPod classic 80gb 6th gen. When I turns on it asked me to plug it into iTunes to restore. So when I do that a message on windows pops up to ask to format the drive and another message to restore it in iTunes. I open iTunes click restore and gets about half way of the restore bar then freezes. I have so many different things to try to get it to work an all without any success. Please can anybody help!
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    The Same thing Happened To Me! I Just Got An Ipod Touch 4th Generation From My Friend And The Only Way It Lights Up Or Anything Is when Its Plugged into A Usb Adapter and Plugged Into An Outlet. When I Plug It Into My Computer nothing Happens Besides It Recognizes My Ipod as an Iphone and It says its In Recovery Mode But everytime I Try To Recover It I Get an error (1601) That Says My Ipod Could Not Be Restored. This Has happened to Me About 30 Times Since I've gotten It. I Dont Know what To Do. Any Help?
  • mandirae16 Level 1 Level 1
    my iPod screen shows the usb connect to iTunes picture. I connect it to iTunes, it tells me that it has found an iPod in recovery mode and I need to restore. Fine, I restore, the iPod restarts and right back to the usb connect to iTunes screen like it never did anything. No error message, nothing, just that I need to restore again. Please help....