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Has anyone been able to connect their iPad with their Verizon iPhone Hotspot? I can connect my wifes iPod, but when I connect my iPad, it connects, but then it says internet is not active.

The Phone shows the connection, but I don't get a wireless symbol on my iPad, even though in settings it shows as connected to my iPhone.

Any help is appreciated please.

ipad, iOS 4
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    Try turning WiFi off and back on for the iPad. Also try forgetting that network on the iPad and then reenter it and see if that helps.
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    Done all that multiple times. Read everything I can find on the pages here and general internet.

    sometimes I get the wireless symbol on my iPad, and sometimes not, even though it says connected, and on my settings page is shows the phone's name on the wi-fi connection under settings.

    I have tried being close, in another room, a few feet away.

    any thoughts? Again, I can connect via computer, iPod, just not iPad.
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    Have you tried resetting network settings on the iPad? Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.
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    Have now, it still won't connect. I have tried long passwords, short password, alpha only, alpha numeric. ipad is the only thing that won't connect
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    I reset as you suggested. the ipad does not maintain the connection to the iphone. it connects, shows its connected in the settings display, but does not show a wireless icon in the top left. then it drops the connection after a minute or so. then auto connections again, and just keeps going through the cycle. yet the iphone shows 1 connection and never changes.
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    I would make a topic in the iPad forum, because this is definitely not an issue with the iPhone but the iPad.

    I'm curious, does the iPad have issues with other hotspots?
    Is it a 3G iPad or a WiFi iPad?
    If it's 3G, I would enable AirPlane Mode, restart it and then try connecting again. Then disable AirPlane Mode

    If that doesn't work you would have to perform a restore. Before you restore you should back it up: Plug it into the computer right click (or ctrl+click on mac) on it in iTunes and select "Backup". Do the same thing but choose "Transfer Purchases". Then do a restore by clicking on the name of the iPad and clicking "Restore". Once it's done restoring, I would set it up as a new iPad just to see if it's a hardware or software issue with the iPad.
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    It has no problems with anything but the iPhone hotspot. It is not 3G, just wireless. I have used it all over the world (was just in India for 2 weeks). It worked great with my verizon hotspot on my Droid X, but after upgrading to my iPhone on Thursday, I tried to connect today, and can't get the iPad and iPhone to connect at all.

    *****. This is the primary reason for hotspot on my iphone is to connect my iPad.
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    I would try to update both the devices in iTunes first, but if that doesn't help. You're probably going to have to restore it.
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    Both devices are updated to the latest. What would a restore do that anything else won't?
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    It would reinstall the entire operating system. By doing so, you would know if it's a hardware or software issue with the device.
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    I did a full restore, and before I allowed it to restore the backup I tried to connect to the iphone. It would not.

    I have no clue why other devices can connect to the iphone hotspot and the ipad can not.
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    I happened to get onto one today. Super simple- just entered the default key on the bottom of the unit and I was up and running. Just two of us on it but it was not particularly fast. I am curious how it compares to the ATT MiFi Hotspot. Anyone try them both?
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    Same here have the Sprint Overdrive device and no connection issues. My iPad connects ok, but it drops the connection and you have to connect it again. I think it might have something to do with the iPhone doing stuff in the background. I'm also guessing Apple couldn't test it well enough because AT&T has to make it active even after the 4.3 update. I could be wrong. I have other devices like the blueSLR GPS device that seems to keep a connection even if the iPhone is off, although this is a Bluetooth connection. Come-on Apple get involved as I sure you will to assist in the software issue..