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My iphone does not detect any wireless networks, and when I search for my home network under 'other network' it says that it is unable to scan for wireless networks. My laptop is connected to my home network, and my friend was able to connect with his iphone the other day so I am not sure what is wrong. I have reset the network settings and all settings but it still does not work. Any suggestions?

IPhone 3G
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    Try Resetting the iPhone

    Reset the iPhone by holding the sleep/wake button at the top right of the device and the home button at the bottom center of the face at the same time. Hold them both until you see the screen go black and the white Apple logo appear. When this happens, you can let go - the iPhone is rebooting.
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    Good suggestion but no luck unfortunately.
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    Last idea would be to try where there is public wifi, Starbucks, Burger King, etc... and if still can't scan or see, then make an appointment with the Apple Genius bar and you may wind up with a replacement phone if still under warranty.
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    I have the same problem with my iphone 3G running OS 4.2.1. Could not scan for wireless network. I tried all the reset network settings (which resulted in Graying out of Wi-fi and "No Wi-fi" in settings). Then I followed the instructions to hard and soft boot the phone using the home key and the power button, that didn't work either. Next I resorted to the restore of the phone, that didn't work either. I turned on the Airplane settings, powered off the phone and turned it back on then turned off Airplane settings and the Wi-fi became available again. Unfortunately I'm back to the Could not scan for wireless network error message after trying to join my home wi-fi. It used to work prior to the OS 4.2.1 upgrade.