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Any comments on using Ipad 3G in israel. What kind of power adapter do I need? Does the Ipad work on 220V or do I need a step down transformer? Can I get a sim card for the Ipad in Israel?

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    All Apple products work on power all over the world. No need for a different power adapter. You might need a different plug for the outlet. Those are cheap.

    I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you can get a sim card that will work in Israel. Otherwise, why would they sell 3G iPads for use in Israel?
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    The power adapter/brick that came with your iPad can be used in Israel. It requires a plug adapter. There are three kinds. (1) Purchase the Apple World Travel Kit and you will have replacement plug ends for all Apple bricks for all world-wide power sockets. (2) Much cheaper is to purchase a physical adapter plug that accepts USA spade-lug plugs and has Euro-style two-round-prong tines. This costs $5 or less in Israel, and $10-$15 in the USA at international airports.

    An AT&T 3G data user can purchase a graduated fixed-price bundled package of 3G data usage that will allow you to roam and use the iPad everywhere in Israel on 3G cellular networks. Purchase the package from the iPad Settings screens before you leave the USA. Or, if already overseas, then connect to an Internet WiFi network and you can access the same Setting screen to purchase the AT&T package. It is simple, and requires no SIM card swap, but can be expensive for large blocks of data - if, for example, using Google Maps with satellite view extensively.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a data-only plan for the iPad from Israeli cellular carriers, both Orange and Cellcom. They have different bundles, with different prices and limits. Both provide a new micro-SIM to be swapped into your iPad.
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    Is ezgoldman's comment true for the iPad 2... Is there a swappable SIM? Do I need it if I'm renting a mobile hotspot? Will it just connect automatically? Right now I Bly have wifi when I'm at home or Starbucks etc... So I'm renting a mobile hotspot?

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    I just returned from Israel, and took my iPad from the US. The power adapter works fine with a 2 pin plug / Europe adapter for their sockets.  I rented a SIM card at IsraelPhones.com in the Airport. It was very easy, giving you unlimited data per day during the rental. The cost was 30 NIS per day, or about $8.11.  This is far cheaper than paying for hotel internet which is usually what you have to use other than freely in the lobby.  3g access worked beautifully where we traveled all over Israel.