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I have the 2nd gen Apple TV and up until this past weekend the wifi had been working fine, but now all of a sudden it won't connect to my network at all. I'll try to connect to my network, put in the password and it keeps giving me the same error message saying it can't connect even though all of my other devices are connected using the same password. It works on my friends wifi at his apartment just fine but for some reason it refuses to connect to mine at my apartment even though all of my other devices have no problems?...Nothing about my network has changed so why the sudden problem?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    try rebooting your router/wifi device.
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    Tried the google dns - does not seem to help. Now I've lost the 5 hours it showed before.

    Network speed is 3 Mips - downloading STD definition movie.

    Apple will loose loyal users with performance issues like this!
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    If it stopped working completely the wifi NIC may have failed. You may need to take it to an Apple store and exchange it.
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    Before reading this thread about your connectivity problems, I just posted somewhat of the same situation. Very frustrating... especially since SEVERAL personal phone-call assists from Apple TV techs, with initial success each time, I've had Comcast ISP techs here at my home 3 different times, resulting in initial successes... but within a few hours, I try to access ITunes store to preview or rent a movie.. and get the spinning wheel... then a message saying "ITunes Store is not available.. please try again later". I've reset everything several times.. I'm logged in... and I can see where I'm supposedly "connected" in the "network" screens.. I've reconfigured both ways... still can't connect where it will stay. So I'm thinking that something in the Apple TV unit may be defective.... same as somebody suggested taking it in for an exchange...
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    I have experienced this issue several times after extended use of Apple TV gen 2. The first time I had to do a factory reset to get the WiFi working again. Several times I had to unplug the AppleTV unit for a minute. There is definetly a problem with the WiFi software in the AppleTV that needs to be sorted out.
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    make sure in settings on your ATV that DHCP is set, so that you connect to the internet automatically.

    I forgot I had tried to connect manually. It took me hours before I retraced my steps. Before restoring DHCP, I got a message that I was connected to the network but not to the internet.
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    I am definitely not in a position to give professional technical suggestions... but I can honestly say that the SUPPORT and ADVICE I received from Apple people during my own thread about connectivity problems proved to be RIGHT ON So when I followed their advice... and made sure my *ATV unit was set to DHCP (same as my Netgear router was using*).....also NOT USING the router's original "WEP" set-up, but changing it to "WPA2Personal" ... then everything worked beautifully.... We successfully connected, previewed a few movies and watched a movie this past Saturday.... did not use it since then... but here on Tuesday morning, I just checked... everything is still working just fine!