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I just discovered that absolutely everything in my iTunes is gone!? My library, my playlists.. everything? I started iTunes and it looks like I have never used the program before, I get information on how to use it.

The only thing that has happened recently with my iTunes and computer is that i plugged in an iPhone.

Can I get my library and playlists back somehow? Please help!

PC Dell D630, Windows XP
  • polydorus Level 6 Level 6
    DId you have a default setup for iTunes, that is you have your iTunes folder in My music on your c: drive and the music file in the iTunes media folder in the iTunes fodler?

    If not you itunes may have defaulted to the default arrangement and it may be simple to put thing back.

    You need to check to see if your music files are there, hopefully they will be.

    If they are, and you updated iTunes fairly recently you should have a backup library folder made when you updated. If so you can use it although you will have lost any changes since the last update.
    This article tell you how to use a backup library.


    This problem shows why it is important to make backups.