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I recently contacted Apple about the issue with the iPhone sending blank texts. She wasn't very helpful..just sent me a link to the "support" page, which I had already scoured.

Is Apple working on a fix for this, if indeed it is an Apple problem? I'm not very satisfied with the response I got from them, and after reading lots of threads from people with the same issue, I'm guessing I'm not alone.

I've tried resetting my phone, deleting whole conversations, and turning on/off a number of times, but my friend still receives blanks (or garbled). Anyone find a fix for this, or has anyone received a suitable explanation as to why? thanks

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    Not sure if people found a fix, however we would not know if "Apple is working on a fix" as we are not apple employees.
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    its funny that you say this is a common problem as I haven't seen very many people with this issue..

    to be honest these are the solutions that may or may not work..

    first thing I would try is rebooting the phone by holding the sleep/wake button and home button for 15 seconds until you see the white apple logo

    if that doesn't work I would restore from backup and if that doesn't work I would restore as new if all else fails take it to your closest apple store they may replace the phone for a working one..
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    I guess the genius bar is my next stop because I've rebooted and reinstalled everything I can and my iphone 4 is still sending groups of blank texts in the middle of a conversation at least once a day. I was on the phone for an hour with apple and then she conference called ATT and the ATT person was on for another 30 minutes trying to figure it out. The next day I got a text from ATT that everything was fixed but my blank texts continue as before.
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    I was having the same problem with sending blank text messages, so I went back and reviewed all the messages that I sent that were received as blank to see if I could detect a pattern of some kind. This is what I learned: whenever I used a special keystroke on the iPhone, i.e., when I would press and hold the period to get the following: "...", those text messages ALWAYS came up as blanks on recipients that did not have an iPhone. I then did an experiment: I sent texts with the special iPhone keystroke shortcuts and texts without them to my son, who does not have an iPhone. Every single text that incorporated a special iPhone keystroke was registered as a blank text on my son's phone. Conversely, every text that I sent without using the special keystroke was legible on his phone.

    The special keystrokes apparently are visible only in iPhone to iPhone text messages. Don't use the special keystrokes in text messages to all non-iPhone recipients and the blank text message problem should cease. I hope that this works for you!
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    Thanks for posting rvm.  I just got my iPhone a few days ago and recipients of my text messages have been complaining about blank messages.  I was taking the same approach to trying to figure out the pattern.  I thought it might have been related to sending text based emoticons (like smiley faces ";)" etc.).  What you've said about the iPhone special keystrokes seems to fit the pattern though.


    Thanks again

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    Yep, having the same problem here. I was able to go back and check on some of the old conversations and as rvm_esp said above, whenever I used the "..." in my message it came across as a blank message if the person didn't have an iPhone. Weird.......

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    recently i will go to send a text message and my freinds will reply back saying it was blank i hope this gets fixed soon because its getting irritating

    and i only seem to notice when i get a reply back saying its blank when i use . dots or symbols

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    sweetcrissy wrote:


    recently i will go to send a text message and my freinds will reply back saying it was blank i hope this gets fixed soon because its getting irritating

    Have you submitted feedback? Contacted tech support? Taken your phone into an Apple Store? Apple won't magically know you're having a problem unless you tell them through appropriate channels. As it's not a common problem, it's hard to say what the issue might be.



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    there are roughly 20 million not-only-english-speaking people in the US, and we like to send messages in different languages, whether it be Spanish, Italian (as in my case) or French or Spanglish. Im sure that's a ''common'' problem if someone at Apple did the math to find out how many of those 20Million use iphones that sending/recieving blank txt's. Travel out of your area code...u might learn something.

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    And your point? You have absolutely no point whats-oh-ever above ^. You saying 20 million people send messages in different languages? Your the first person I have seen that is sending blank text messages, Meg St_Clair is correct in saying Apple isn't going to help you if you don't go through the right channels for help and it is not a common issue at all. Honestly probably between 4-10+% of those 20 million people have issues with their iphones, otherwise Apple would be swamped with people and wouldn't have products in the first place, and second, the 4-10ish% of those 20 Million people don't send steady posts of "blank texts". Look through and find another post that was not started by you? If your looking for free support, not a good idea to be insulting the people on here that WOULD try to help you if you weren't so ignorant

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    juvenalfromsan jose wrote:


    Im sure that's a ''common'' problem if someone at Apple did the math to find out how many of those 20Million use iphones that sending/recieving blank txt's.

    Why are you sure it's a common problem? What statistics to you have to back up that assertion? I've seen little mention of it here on the forums.


    Travel out of your area code...u might learn something.

    I fail to understand how this became a language issue. The OP never mentions what language(s) they use to text. You also don't know where I'm from, where I've been or what languages I speak. I don't understand your hostility toward me or the need for ad hominem attacks based on no information whatsoever.

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    In the past I did not look to Apple for the solution. This may explain why others have not asked Apple for help on this. Rather I assumed the non Apple phone was at fault. My wife changed brands but her new phone is still not an iPhone. The issues continue with the new phone. Service is Verizon. After months of trouble I have decided the issue is with Apple. Texts to or from the non Apple phones often are blank. Pictures may or may not come through. This is true if one to one or multiple people. Messages to multiple people come through to other iPhones but sometimes NOT to the non Apple phones. Suspect coding issue in iPhone using SMS.

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    My wife was having this problem. Her phone just occasionally would send people a blank text bubble, but most of the time it was fine.



    We scoured the internet for a solution, but while lots of people have the same problem, there was no good solutions out there. People with different phone companies and different phone brands.



    In the end, I worked out that it only happened for texts she sends which are 156 characters long. Usually an SMS is just 152 characters long. If you send a longer one, on older phones it splits it up, but new smart phones paste them together so you don't notice. However, they send some kind of code I think to let the phones know a follow-up Part 2 is coming. That means you don't get the full 152 characters. I think by a message being 156 it sort of can confuse a phone to where to cut it off.



    Solution? I'm not sure - but we turned on a setting that lets my wife see how long her message is, and if its 156, she knows now to add an extra character or two...



    Hope that helps!

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    This issue still continues to this day.