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When organizing my audiobooks I noticed that iTunes does not create folders for them exactly the same way it does for music. Example: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/Artist/Album is the usual path for music. However for audiobooks it is ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Audiobooks/Author. In case of multiple books by the same author all the files end up in a single folder, because there is no Book Title (similar to Album) folder.

I give simple names like 001, 002 etc to chapters, so the matching ones get renamed into 001 1, 002 1 etc after all the books are placed in the Author folder. This is what bothers me. Adding Book Title folder manually results in iTunes reorganizing files back to previous state and deleting the folder.

Is there something I am missing? Does anybody know a way to fix this without changing type from Audiobook to Music?

Edit: latest version of iTunes 10.

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    Nope, that's the way it works if you let iTunes manage the files. It really isn't set up to deal with multi-file audiobooks. For Windows I have custom scripts which move files where I want and I've taken to naming my audiobooks in a *Book, Part XX* format, or if there are proper chapter titles setting the Sort Names to the *Book, Part XX* layout, again using a script.

    You can find my approach detailed at http://samsoft.org.uk/iTunes/audiobooks.asp where there are also links to tools for merging multi-part audiobooks into a single file which may suit you better. If not perhaps something at Doug's Scripts can help.