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I have an iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2.1) and ran across this problem other the last two weeks. If you attempt to forward a PDF file from email with 'include attachment' to another person, that person will receive the attachment as a 0K pdf file that is corrupted.

I used the iPhone to forward a 785K PDF file to my Gmail and Live account and both received a 0K file. If I sign on to the email account with my laptop and forward the same 785K PDF to Gmail and Live, it arrives as a 785K file.

Is this a known issue with the iOS and is there a known fix? I've seen people post about Stanza or iBooks possibly causing a problem, but I've already explored that route.

iPhone 4 GSM 4.2.1, Windows 7
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    what are you using to attach the file im using air sharing when I attach a pdf using air sharing the file sends correctly
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    Our accountant sent us a PDF file to a yahoo mail account. We accessed yahoo mail from the mail app on the iPhone and chose "forward" and "include attachment". When the email arrived to the forwarded address it was 0K and corrupted. If we sign on to yahoo mail from an actual computer and forward the same email, it arrives fine with a PDF that works perfectly. There's some problem with the iPhone appropriately handling/forwarding PDF attachments.
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    im going to disagree with you its either a problem with yahoo or a problem with your particular iphone because I just did it with it working perfectly fine forwarded a pdf file included the attachment and it came out just fine the only difference is that I used a gmail account to do it..

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    After further testing it appears to be an issue between the iPhone and Yahoo, which I'm assuming is going to fall more on the shoulders of Yahoo because it never plays nice with iOS.

    When I forward using a Yahoo Mail account on iPhone the result is 0K.
    When I forward using a Gmail account on iPhone the result is 785K.

    I also tested using a Windows Live account and it worked fine. I guess I need to keep trying to convince my other iPhone user to dump Yahoo.
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    yahoo is definitely not my favorite