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Apple id always asked me to type password after i wake up ipad.
Every time i open the app store, it also asked me to type password.
Can iPad remember my password, so that i do not need to type the password again and again?

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    This prompt is a security feature to prevent anyone from picking up the ipad and making purchases or downloading anything that you might not want done. If you have a credit card attached to your itunes account and then "allow" it to not prompt you, then a friend or a child could open the app store or itunes and make multiple purchases that you might not want. I only get prompted when I make a purchase or download an update. If you are getting prompted otherwise it might signal that you have an app that is not able to finish downloading and keeps prompting you to get the authorization to do so.
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    For the App/iTunes store that's really a security feature. Without this if you lost your iPad or had your iPad stolen someone could load lots of Apps, music, etc. onto it and have all of it charged to your account.
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    thank for your reply
  • wario007 Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks for your reply