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I have accumulated several thousand photos on my iPhone. (I love it!) I have backed them up to my MacBook using the photo viewer application. How do I get these thousands of photos off of my iPhone? Doing this one at a time on the iPhone itself is not a solution.

Checking the "delete photos" option in the photo viewer app does not do this.
I am new to the MacBook and OSX. Windows XP recognized the iPhone camera as a separate device and I could open up the directory for all of the photos on the camera and move them around as I pleased. That doesn't happen with OSX.

So I have two questions:
- How can I bulk delete photos from my iPhone from my MacBook?
- Is there a way in OSX to view the iPhone as a device or directory?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.6), not really sure of OSX version
  • Apple iPhone 4 Level 1 Level 1

    I use a windows laptop, so let me hope they are same in opening files.

    Try to re-convert my words from windows to mac (if u have used windows ever), else take help of ur friend.

    Just on my computer, you will find iPhone as storage device (like when u insert a pen drive). Now get into the album, choose all and delete.

    And do remember, u could have set up a photo synchronisation on itunes, remove that. So the photos dont get back to your phone again when you synchronise.

    to do, in i-tunes, choose mobile (on left side) you will find all listings of mobile on right hand. If you look to top right area, you will find a option to change the photo synchronising setting. un-check them.. thats all done. Hope you solve it simple..
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    Open up Image Capture, select your iPhone from the device list on the left.

    You can select easily, even select all and press the delete button.
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    I suggest that we simply get as many people as possible to suggest that Apple simply enhance their pro app to do what iPhoto can do out of the box -- namely delete photos and videos after import:


    Thank you!
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    This method does not work.

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    To mass delete all your iPhone photos, go to start>computer right click on iphone (bottom of list), select import images and videos and in the pop up, set it to delete after import. start import. Job done.