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VERY new Mac user, so this may be a d'uh moment, but I'm trying to connect to a Windows printer server printer. I get to the printer (yes, logging in and all that works just fine), but when i need to select the printer from the list mine isn't there.

A few things:

* This article does list it http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3669#fuji-xerox but I assume just because it lists it doesn't mean it's installed on the OS by default perhaps?

* I went to the Fuji-Xerox site (the one I'm after is the DocuCentre IV 3370) and downloaded the driver package, and then installed it. That went fine.

* after doing that, it still isn't in the list, and when I went to select the driver by browsing the directories i couldn't find it. I did have a look in Library > Printers but couldn't find it in any subdir's (and I checked them all). There was one generic Fuji one, but that looked like the old one that had the few from the original list.

Help! I'm desperate to print properly and on principal i DON'T like my current solution of going into my Windows VM and opening files in there just to print them :P

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Re the article, the plus symbol next to your model indicates that the driver was only added as part of a recent software update - it is not part of the original 10.6.x installation. And if this printer was connected directly to your Mac rather than being shared via a Windows server, then the Mac would have given you the option of downloading the driver from ASU.

    With regards to the driver you have installed after downloading from FX, but cannot locate it in the FX folder in Library > Printer, then maybe it is just a PPD and will therefore reside in the Library > Printers > PPDs > Contents > Resources folder. The files here are often in a compressed format (gzip) so look through this folder for the 3370.

    With the 3370 not appearing in the Add Printers list you could select Other rather than 'Select printer software' and then browse to the PPD location above. It is also possible to unpack the downloaded file to a location like Downloads and then browse to this location using Other to add the printer.

    Another thing you can do is select the Generic Postscript driver included with 10.6 in the Print Using menu. While this will give you no printing/finishing features it will at least let you print until you can locate the DocuCentre driver.