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The user profile that has iTunes on it has been corrupted and I cannot access it. My plan is to move all my old data into a new profile and delete the old one. The only thing stopping me is iTunes. How do I move my library to a new profile (same computer)? I would do it via my iPod Touch but when I plug it in under the new profile iTunes wanst to sync it with the empty iTunes on the new profile. I am using Windows 7 with an iPod Touch (both iTunes and iPod software is current). Thanks for the help!

Dell, Windows 7
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    Here's what I would do - you decide if you want to do it - I would remove iTunes'
    from the computer, then move the iTunes Music folder to wherever you want it. Then install the most recent version of iTunes. When installed if iTunes can't find the iTunes music folder you just have to tell it where it is. To do this
    go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced - change the location to where your music is. This should work fine.
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    How do I move my library to a new profile (same computer)?

    If you still have access to the user folders, you can simply copy the entire /Music/iTunes/ folder from old user to new user.
    Do NOT copy only /Music/iTunes/iTunes music/ folder. This contains only the media files and you will lose everything else in iTunes (library files, playlists, ratings, artwork, etc.)
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    sorry for comming back to an old post, but I have the same problem and can't solve it. I went to the Windows Explorer and copyed from the old user profile


    > the folder "iTunes Music"

    > the file "iTunes Preferences.plist

    > the file "iTunes Library Extras.itdb

    > the file "iTunes Library Genius.itdb

    > the file "iTunes Library.itl

    > the file "iTunes Music Library.xml


    in exactly the right folders to the new user profile, but when I start iTunes, the machine do not find any music - except the 3 standard iTunes songs.


    Does anybody know what I have to do now?


    Thx in advance, Guapo

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    Same thing as explained above.

    Simply copy the entire /Music/iTunes/ folder from old user to new user.

    Don't just copy individual files.

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    Hi Chris,


    thanks for your help, now it works...!   Sorry, I didn't read right - the ENTIRE folder "iTunes", not folder by folder or file by file.


    Thx and Regards