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I just received my Verizon iphone about a week ago. I have sure been experiencing a lot of dropped calls. At first, I thought it was a problem only occurring in my work area.
However, it has happened at home, as well.

Is this what was happening with the at&t iphone? I did a little quick internet searching but seemed to only find articles that talked about webpages being loaded extremely slowly when one held the Verizon iphone with the "death grip."

I was a Verizon customer the past few years and did not have this problem with my other cell phones.

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    When I got my first iPhone 4 last June I had the same issue of dropping frequent calls. No matter where I went I was dropping calls. I had the 3G before I got the iPhone 4 and rarely dropped a call. I also had full bars with the 3G just about anywhere i went, but that was not the case with my iPhone 4. I ended up returning it and waiting a few weeks. Then I reordered another one and have not had an issue since. I always have full bars and rarely drop a call with the new one.
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    I would suggest taking it back to apple for them to look at the phone..
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    It's the phone I work at a repair center and we are having a lot of people coming in because of this issue. Dropped calls are heavy on the iPhone even on my iPhone that I swapped out three times now. I drop at least 2-3 calls a day.. Swapping out the phone might help but I'm sure you will end up having the same issue. Buy a bumper.
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    Buying a case made a huge difference with my reception (due to the "death grip" problem) on my Verizon iPhone 4.

    Just found this, in case it helps -- info from Apple on "updating the preferred roaming list" for Verizon only:


    Not sure what it does, but worth a try.

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    If you work at an Apple Store why do you not have an Apple logo under your name?
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    "a repair center" ≠ Apple Store
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    I understand that Paul, but read his post and look at the forum he is in. Do you mean to tell me a significant number of people are taking their Verizon iPhones, which are obviously still under warranty, to a 3rd party repair center complaining of dropped calls?
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    I work for a repair center that is not associated with Verizon or apple. We are a 3rd party repair center. In are valley almost NONE of the Verizon stores have there own tech department or repair. Any repairs are refereed to us. Having a phone under warranty means nothing when it comes to repairing the phone.
    The fact of the matter is customers are swapping out there iPhone's multiple times and are not getting a clear answer from Verizon so they go to another place for a 2nd opinion in the matter where we give them bad news about antenna issues with the iPhone.

    Simply put apple needs to fix the issue. It is an issue, telling people not to bridge the connections there is not a fix.

    Thats like telling someone who owns a car not to touch the steering wheel in a specific spot because it shuts the car off, people are going to touch it no matter what.
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    Sorry, but Verizon also does not handle repairs and if they refer their customers to a 3rd party repair center they are voiding the warranty on the phone. I don't believe your posts for a minute and antennagate, as already presented by a link, was totally overblown.
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    I am on my 3rd iPhone since Feb 3 because of dropped calls that I never experienced before with my Verizon 3G feature phone. They hav isolated my phone on a special PLR and are having me type #### and CALL immediately after a dropped call has occurred. This then makes it easier for them to track the problem. The calls usually are fine to begin with but invariably the other party says the call is breaking up, cutting out or garbled and the bars have gone from 3 to 1. The call usually drops or just gets so garbled I just hang up. And, in many cases the redialed call doesn't go through either if I am redialing or the caller is.

    I would have abandoned the phone had it not been for a responsive Verizon Support Twitter group. They got through to the engineers and have been checking every few days with them to solve this. And, I am told an outside service is involved as well.

    From what I can glean from my phone logs about 20 to 30% of my last 100 calls have been either dropped or too garbled to complete.

    Very frustrating when the experts are scratching their heads.
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    Unfortunately "antennagate" is a real issue.    I have used Verizon for 5 years now, NEVER dropped a call until I got the iPhone4.  When you hold the phone normally I drop to 1 bar.  I seriously question the validity of that 1 bar, because that is when my calls drop.  If I use a bumper it in general decreases my signal by 1 bar.  The majority of my calls are marked by frequent distortion and static... I am really just sad. 


    The phone is aesthetically impeccable, the UI and camera are awesome along with many other perks.  I just want my iPhone to work as an actual phone.