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Hi guys, I recently changed my Hotmail account password and since then have been unable to access the account on my iPhone 3GS, even though I have updated it to the new password on there too.

I keep getting a message which says 'Cannot get Mail - The username or password for Hotmail is incorrect'- I have tried the new password and even the old one as I had never had a problem with retrieving messages before. I've also tried deleting the account from my phone and setting it up again as a new one but nothing seems to work.

Please help - I'm going abroad in a couple of days and need to access my emails!

Medion, Windows Vista
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    I'm having a similar issue with hotmail (m.hotmail.com server set up through exchange), the phone will spend hours straight connecting and downloading emails from the server, to then only download up till a week ago. Periodically it will "reboot" all emails and download them again from scratch. I have deleted the account and set it up again, the account is validated and the phone gets to work, but it never downloads anything.

    For no reason whatsoever I can access my sub folders on the same account, but not the inbox

    I have a gmail account on the same phone and it works fine.

    Anyone else noticing a hotmail/iphone problem?