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I'm completely new to AppleScript (and need to use it for an assignment)

Im being asked to create a script that could be used on any mac that will ask the user to open a file, describe what the file is about, then have that selected file open automatically. As of right now I cant seem to find any script that will allow the user to open the variable/selected file... heres what I have so far:

set variable to choose file with prompt "Please select a file to be opened"
set variable to display dialog "Please enter a short description of this file" default answer ""
tell application "Finder" to open..................

I dont know if Im doing this right, can anyone help?

Another problem Im having is getting the computer to speak to the user telling them that their file which they selected is now opened (once it is).... I understand the say command, but I dont know how string the information from when the user enters the description of the file into the command for the computer to say it. For example, "The file described as (description entered previously by user) is now opened".

Help please!

Mac OS X (10.4.11)