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    That video continually tries to access my hard drive (not that I let it), what's with that?

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    ummm what??? its youtube....

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    I'm running the 2.66ghz I7 with 330M chipset...But I think if nobody else does it in the next couple of days I will prove or bust the myth by ordering the same kit for my Macbook and seeing how it works.

  • L0stie Level 1 (0 points)

    Ceejay, have you tested the OCW 16GB kit on your 13' macbook pro 2.66ghz yet? I have the same macbook and would like to know if it works

  • ceejay3k Level 1 (0 points)

    Not yet, I actually have the 17".  Going to probably order the kit in the next day or so and give it a try.

  • Digitalclips Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep .. my bad, Flash update had reset settings.  This was the first time I'd run anything in Flash since the update.

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    Just get the kit guys and join the 16gb club



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    I already am on my othert Macs just not the 2010 MBP i7 15". 

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    Hello guys...I am very glad of these very good news.


    Has anyone tried (or planning to try) the ram which works on the 13'' on a 15'' model??

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    That link to OWC does insdeed show support for mid 2010 MBPro yet my mid 2010 MBPro i7 model identifier shows the Mac as: MacBookPro6,2 not ,MacBookPro7,1.  as shown on the OWC page anyone explain that?  Is it the i7 as opposed to C2D or is mine maybe early 2010?  That said I am getting very tempted.  My 2011 MBPro with SSD and 16 GIGS and only an i5 is super fast.


    I answered my own question!


    The 6,2 is mid 2010 i5 and i7 MBP


    and counter intuitively the 7,2 is the mid 2010 Core 2 Duo MBP



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    This from OWC Support:


    OWC Joe: [8:48:17 AM] Hello Michael Bradley, thanks for contacting OWC Technical Support. This is OWC Joe. How may I assist you?


    Michael Bradley: [8:48:17 AM] You now sell 16 GIG RAM kits for mid 2010 MBPro7,1 and I read they work great. I have a mid 2010 MBPro i7,6,2 with the kit work for me too?




    OWC Joe: [8:49:50 AM] the 16 GB kit will work with your computer assuming it has the latest EFI update.





    Fedex will bring my 16 GIG kit in 2 days




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    I'm about to go for it and order mine today. Lol.

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    This was the response I got from the OWC technical support.  Now I am a little skeptical about giving it a try.


    OWC Morgan: [10:28:26 AM] Hello Corey, thanks for contacting OWC Technical Support. This is OWC Morgan. How may I assist you?


    Corey: [10:28:26 AM] Question about the 16gb 1066mhz memory kit and it's compatibility with the MacbookPro6,1.


    OWC Morgan: [10:28:36 AM] Hi Corey


    Corey: [10:28:40 AM] Hey sir.


    [10:29:24 AM] I am looking at a 16.0gb PC8500 DDR3 kit on your website.


    [10:29:54 AM] Shows specifically compatible with the 13" MacBook Pro ID MacbookPro7,1 2.4GHz, 2.66GHz.


    [10:30:42 AM] I have a 17" 2.66ghz i7 MacBookPro (MacBook 6,1). Seeing that they are identically spec'd, shouldn't my MacBook also be compatible with this kit?


    [10:31:44 AM] (MacBookPro 6,1) ***


    [10:32:18 AM] I should also note, I do have the latest EFI as well.


    OWC Morgan: [10:35:25 AM] No. Apple released an EFI update for the MacBookPro7,1 that unlocked the ability to install and utilize up to 16GB. That was not the intent of the update, but it was a result of it. The EFI updates for the other 2010 models did not unlock this ability. We tested all models that use DDR3 memory and only the 2010 13" MacBook Pro, 2010 MacBook and 2010 Mac mini seem to have had this ability unlocked.


    [10:36:09 AM] *The EFI updates for the other 2010 MacBook Pro models did not unlock this ability.

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    Yep, OWC MOrgan is correct. 


    Earlier this week I contacted OWC and got in writing that my 2010 i7 MBPro6,2 would indeed support 16 GIGs with the latest EFI installed.  I paid Fedex fast shipping and it came this morning.


    IT DOES NOT WORK in an i7 MBPro 2010


    I installed 16 GIGS and it didn't boot.  I called OWC and the tech at OWC called Rob also said it did work till I quoted your post above and OWC Morgan's words.  Rob then checked and came back and said he was wrong, they have an updated memo then read me my RMA number! 


    So to repeat ... only MacBookPro,7,1 works no others from 2010 at this point.

    Reading Morgan's comments above it seems Apple only has to release an EFI update to fix this ... grrrrrr.

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