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I recently upgraded my old Airport Extreme(ish) to a 2Gb Time Capsule. I also have DirecTV and a couple of Linksys WET610N wireless bridges.

With the old Airport I was able to download DirecTV On Demand movies via 802.11g. With the new TC, I was expecting a similar plug-and-play to the 802.11n network. Errr - wrong answer, thank you for playing!

I've downloaded the (rather lame) Linksys set-up routine from Cisco. I can successfully set up the WET610N. Airport recognizes that it is connected to the network. The DirecTV DVR recognizes that the wireless bridge is connected to the network - but refuses to see the Internet.

Further, the IP and Subnet Mask address the DVR shows isn't anywhere close to that reported by Airport/Internet TCP/IP.

90 minutes on the phone with DirecTV was 90 minutes of wasted time. They are clueless. Cisco is clueless. So I'm hoping someone in the Apple community who has run into this situation knows how to beat the system into submission.

iMac (2 GHz Intel, 2 GB SDRAM), Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Actually, the 'solution' to all this is far simpler than one would have imagined (and is quicker than reading this posting).

    After spending 90 minutes on the phone with Linksys (what a waste of time). I arose this morning and realized I (we) never attempted a clean reset of the WET610N without Linksys tapped in via the Internet. I did it and it worked!

    Here's the 'hard' part. When reseting the WET610N (pushing a paperclip in the little red hole on the back of the unit) you need to press the hidden button for at least 10 seconds. After about 5 seconds the power light on the front starts to blink with the additional amber glow — you haven't fully reset the wireless bridge just yet. Keep holding down the reset button and you will see a blue "line" light appear under the the rectangular mode change button on the front. Once this starts to blink you have completed a reset successfully. I then did the additional step of power cycling (unplugging for 10 seconds) the unit.

    I completely skipped any Linksys "wizard' crap (which it is) and simply went to the set-up screen on my DirecTV DVR. This time DirecTV's set up recognized the TC's dual bands. I chose the 5Ghz network. The system did its thing and everything is right with the world (as far as downloading DirecTV On Demand at 802.11n speeds).

    Hope this helps anyone with similar set-ups. I just wish DirecTV and Linksys would get their respective acts together.
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    Do you have to first setup the WET610N bridge on the Time Capsule?

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    MajorWebUser - you just solved my week old, countless hours problem with the WET610 - thankyou!