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The topic pretty much says it all.

My phone was accidentally yanked off the charger while charging and now the charger won't fit into the charging Port. It looks like some of the pins are broken or out of place now so I'm unable to charge my phone. My phone is only 40 days old and Apple won't cover it under the one year warranty since it was accidental damage.

What are my options now? How much will they charge to repair it? The nearest Apple store is 75 miles away. I'm willing to drive there. Is this something that can be fixed onsite on the same day? Aside from dealing with apple, What options do I have? I know it can be repaired so I just need someone to point me in the right direction. Thanks.

3G S
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    Apple does not fix damage like this. The Apple store will offer you an out of warranty replacement: cost is $199(maintains warranty), or you could go to a third-party repair shop(voids warranty), or fix it yourself(also voids warranty):


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    MY husband's iPhone 6 suddenly had a problem with the charging port.  The charger would no longer fit properly and therefore he could no longer charge his phone.  He did nothing out of the ordinary and we could not see anything wrong when we compared his phone's port with mine.   I decided to see if there was an obstruction so I took a pin from a watch band, the only thing I could find that would fit.  I gently scraped back and forth.  Imagine my surprise when all this lint came out of the port! A lot.  My husband keeps his phone in his shirt pocket and the lint from his pocket accumulated in the port so that the charger no longer fit.  Lint out, phone charged.  No more proble.


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    Make sure there is no lint stuck inside of the charging port,  while you're looking in the charging port check to see if any of the pins are bent or broken off.  This is a common issue with the lightning port chargers.(lint built up)

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    Here is a tip: check the date of the post you are responding to. It is a 4 year old post so I doubt they waited this long and it is an iPhone 3GS which has a 30 pin port.