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Back in the day I used a small inexpensive ($200) analog breakout box to get SD video from my PowerMac G5 workstation to a broadcast NTSC monitor. Firewire ran from the mac to the box, and Final Cut treated the box as if it were a camera or a deck receiving signal. The box had component out which ran to the monitor. Relatively inexpensive and worked great.

What I'm wondering is why I can't find a similar solution for HDMI in today's HD digital world? With a Mac Pro you can just send an HD signal directly to a second or third monitor, but with a MacBook Pro you can only connect one display so if you're already using an external display there's no way to also send a signal to a video monitor. Are there no options that don't involve $2,000+ AJA boxes? Thanks.

15" Unibody MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)