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I am in the process of switching over to Safari 5 from Firefox 3.

Within FF I have accumulated a myriad of login ID/password combos and, if at all possible, it would be expedient to directly import them into Safari.

Now there doesn't appear to be an extension or plugin available (yet) that handles this and Safari isn't owning up to it as a standard function (unlike its ability to do the same with bookmarks).

As it appears that Keychain Accessis the de facto repository for this information (from which Safari draws) it makes sense to be able to have this function here - except that on the face of it, there isn't one.

So the question is this: assuming the login entries are available in a 3rd form e.g. CSV or XML (easy to do in FF), can they be copied/imported/dragged etc. into Keychain? If this is possible, what is correct format to do it?

I am really looking for a solution before I admit defeat and start entering them one by one (and subsequently do doo-lally); please no 'crying in your beer' replies about how it's affected you and your ability to enjoy life etc... ;o)

Macmini G4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Linc Davis Level 10 (192,784 points)
    I think the "1Password" application is supposed to be able to import Firefox passwords and make them available to other browsers. I don't use it myself and don't know whether it exports to the Keychain. Apart from that, I don't know of anything.
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    There is also LastPass.com which can import passwords from Firefox.

    However, it only mentions exporting to Firefox, not Safari.

    Then again, using a Password Manager might be the way to go.

    Personally, I use the previously mentioned 1Password.
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    Had a look at both of these beforehand but initially put-off by the notion of storing my passwords on a server. Encrypted or not, it's not the kind of thing I like really.

    Having said that they both offer fairly sturdy protection (more than the standard host solution in FireFox anyway). Have opted for LastPass; as it's free!

    Thanks eversomuch for responding - I really appreciate it.
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    Just had this problem and found the following solution:

    Do a search on this: 'Keychain Integration Services' to find a Firefox add-on that will dump all of the usernames and passwords that it has stored in it's own file, into the Keychain. Works like a dream.

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    I've been searching on-and-off for a couple weeks for this solution and finally stumbled onto the right thread. Indeed, it works like a dream. This little add-on should be more well publicized.