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I've got my account duplicated -and charged for apps I already own- by using my email address as login instead of apple ID, but I've been told it's my fault so…

I'm trying to figure out
*How do I do to create two iTunes accounts under the same email and having different IDs?*

I mean, two accounts with different purchase history. It doesn't matter if billing address, or credit card are the same (or different) because none of them flag apps as "purchased"

I tried today from iTunes, but it tells me the email is taken.

Do you know any way a user can do it from our end? (website, iTunes, iPhone)

If you've got charged by apps twice, please don't say it here. I don't want my post being deleted again. Thanks.

PowerBook 870 15, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
  • Beavis2084 Level 4 Level 4
    Sounds like you created a second AppleID and re-purchased items.

    I believe that you can only associate an email address with a single AppleID account. You can't create a new AppleID using an email address that is already associated with an AppleID.

    This article will provide detailed information about AppleID. I recommend reviewing it and see if the data will help you resolve your issue.

    But in short, to answer the question "How do I create two iTunes accounts under the same email address?" is - you cant.
  • Sergio Zambrano Level 1 Level 1

    You said "Sounds like you created…" but at the same time you said I can't.

    Would you agree with me it's a system error as I think?

    I read the link you posted, and it says you can use an expired .mac account for iTunes, which is what created my double account (Best explanation, so far)

    I didn't sign-up for a new one. I just started logging-in with that non-mac email, and voilá.
    I wonder why the issue is not fixed yet. (Please don't think there's no issue and it's my fault before to see the screenshot below)

    Here's a screenshot of both accounts in iTunes. You can see both emails being the same.
    iTunes support stopped email exchange with me because I insisted in what this image shows.

    I feel like Angela Bennett in "The net", where you are accused of murderer because the system says so.
  • Beavis2084 Level 4 Level 4
    I said it sounds like you created two AppleID accounts. Which you CAN do. Just not multiple accounts with the same email address.

    In any event, the screenshot you show clearly shows TWO different email addresses used to LOGIN:

    The one on the left is logged in under cuentanumerouno@hotmail.com ...
    The one on the right is logged in as applxperience@mac.com

    It's no longer clear to me what the difference in logging in and AppleID's association to the email address is.

    I have only ever used my mobileme account as my AppleID - i got all my Apple stuff started at the same time, never had more than one email address and AppleID.

    Are you showing two users there?

    It is confusing at the very least, but I believe the answer must be simple and is within the AppleID document(s) I linked earlier.

    How are you "logging in and out" of the accounts? What steps did you take to generate each side of the screen shot?
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    Expired .mac accounts HAVE NO EMAIL. You own the id (which iTunes requests to be spelled in form of an email)

    Also, FREE .mac accounts have no email either.

    What you see in the screenshots is what I'm saying:
    There's been a change in the way iTunes wants you to login. The iTunes reps see at their end what you see at the top of the window, which probably is the "migration" of the new login: Old login system, using ID (in form of email for iTunes)

    BELOW you clearly see where says "ID" and both have the email as login.
    (again, that .mac email doesn't exist and NEVER DID)
    That's the NEW login: your EMAIL.

    I'm sorry I didn't explain it better the first time. I wrote about this so many times to iTunes support reps to prevent them to "read" what their system says that I gave it for settled. (not to mention that my first post was removed because "it lacks of interest for others"

    I own an apple ID, given away with the purchase of a new computer (nothing small by the way) and when that happens (and never subscribe for a paid membership), you use ANOTHER email to be related to your account.
    Now that AGAIN apple asks you for using your EMAIL (non-apple in our case) instead of your ID (which you can't use or you will never get a notification again!) the system believes there are two accounts.

    It's like your credit card bank changing the address for sending the payments. You are STILL paying, but getting a higher rate because their CHANGED the address and the check never arrives.

    In this case, signing in with a different string, makes the system believe there are two accounts. And that probably is under the policy which probably states purchases are not charged twice for SAME ID, and SAME iPhone… and you used a different ID, so it must be fair (sarcasm). Who told you to do so? Bad boy!
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    Beavis2084, I forgot some answers to your question:

    The difference between id and email associated, NOW THAT I HAD THIS ISSUE, I think is analog to what some social websites do: they ask you for your email and below they ask for password.
    MANY people gives away their email password, and… you know what happens.

    In this case, they say "enter your email" from now on you only need your email address to log-in, and you think "if I might use my email address only, I'd better use the good one, or I'll never get a notification again". And the issue was born. Add a few thousands of re-purchased apps because of the new login considered a new user… and you can GUE$$ why nobody stops it.

    In some way it only targets Us, the ones who didn't buy a .mac subscription. cough!-retaliation hehe.

    The way I use to login and log out is using my .mac email as if it existed. then log-out with the little arrow at the right on black top bar, and then logging in with my hotmail account.
    I figured out I could login with my non-existing .mac account after the 3rd time an iTunes support rep told me "Their system shows two accounts".

    I think I used to login with my id only (applxperience) everywhere and when the email-login move begun, I just used my email (hotmail), as requested. I thought it happened when trying to fix facetime (which uses your phone number and email registered at iTunes to send mms and setup the wi-fi video call) but it probably started before.