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Does imovie not see Aperture referenced .mov files. I have two libraries one on the main HD and another on a second volume. I can only see managed files on the main HD. How do I point imovie to look for the other aperture library.

MBP 2.66 8gig ram, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    I think you're going to have to re-explain your problem. Referenced items, by definition, are not stored in your Aperture library. You can find them via Finder. If you can find them via Finder, you can point iMovie to them.

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    This is a known issue (whether its by design or its a bug I don't know) but see:

    [Aperture 3: Some videos in Aperture library are not available in iMovie Event Library|http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3329]

    Only managed videos in Aperture are available to iMovie.
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    Thanks !!
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    This seems to have been a problem for a while. My Aperture library is >500GB and I can't store it on the internal drive of my new retina MBP. If I hadn't moved to referenced files already I would have had to do it now.


    When you point iMovie to the drive with the referenced folders you seem to have to use the 'import' option and cannot index the movies in folders lower than the one chosen. I can tolerate the inconvenience of iMovie not being able to use the index of referenced movie files. It's an extra bind that iMovie itself can't index a drive or hierarchy of folders to produce a pick list of video footage.


    One thing I might try is creating a new Aperture library on an external drive and putting all my video files in that. Keeping that as a managed library, I can perhaps take advantage of the Aperture-iMovie link.