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Hope someone can help. Purchased a new Ipod classic for my mother two weeks ago and created a new music iTunes library for her. The Ipod charged up but when it came to syncing it just would not work.

It appeared in the iTunes window with the correct Ipod name (although it showed up as a Mass USB storage device on my PC rather than an Apple ipod), the sync started and showed various songs being copied but then suddenly cut out saying that there was an error, that iTunes had stopped working and had to close.

This happened on a couple of occasions and even when I tried it with my own iTunes library that crashed as well. I reset the factory settings on the Ipod - no joy, same fault; however, I tested my own Ipod nano and that was fine.

Spoke to Apple and they went through various steps with me - none of which worked. Asked me to shut off my firewall and PC protection, remove iTunes and all associated software from PC and then reinstall - they would call me back the following day to see if that helped. I did this but exactly the same problem is occuring, no music copies to Ipod and even the few tracks that are shown as being copied.

Phone call from Apple and after a couple of tries at syncing they got me to into the disc menu on the Ipod but it would go no further so whatever the next step would have been I am not surer, it has now stuck on that menu and will not even switch off!

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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