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Hi all

I have my iphone set up on my companys exchange server and all was fine until recently. Now whenever I read an email on my iphone it is still marked as unread in outlook. I have tried leaving it for several days but the status never changes. If i do the opposite (read mail in outlook) it updates on the Iphone fine.

Can anyone tell me whats going on here!



iOS 4
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    I am having the same problem and more. Last weekend my itunes wouldn't load. I synced my phone to my laptop and the problem was fixed, but now my email is all screwed up.

    1. When I open my email, it automatically goes to my gmail inbox.
    2. I try to send messages to the archive box, but it unchecks the items before I can send them. I can usually send them on the second try, though.
    3. When I read messages from my outlook on my phone, they do not show up as read on my computer.
    4. The screen freezes for texts, emails, and phone calls.

    I'm hoping that since I'm having some of the same issues as you, the same fix will work for both of us.

    I read several posts in the last few days and tried multiple things like deleting the accounts and re-adding them. I changed settings. I restored my phone to factory settings.

    Any help is appreciated!
    Thank you
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    As this is an exchange server you may need to contact your IT Dept to see if they have made any recent changes or restrictions. Also check with your ESP to confirm what account type you have ie: IMAP or POP. Presumably if this has worked previously it is an IMAP account which allows you to download mail to multiple devices. Can you send mail from the iPhone?

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    Hi Wayne
    I have spoken to our IT Dept and they say they have not made any changes in the last few weeks and they dont know why this is happening. It is an IMAP account. I can send/delete mail from the iphone and these canges are updated in outlook. It is only when I read any new messages on my iphone that the changes are not reflected in outlook, But if i read any new messages in outlook then the change is reflected on my phone