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  • mazdaboi Level 1 (0 points)

    I just picked up a 2011 15.4" 2.2ghz i7 MBP (6750 512mb) on discount at a local retailer.  Installed WOW and Diablo3 via OSX and bootcamped win7 for Origin and BF3.  I noticed ONLY BF3 running LOW settings at 1200x800 res makes the fan run redicilously high. almost the ESC to the W keys are very warm to the touch.   i guess a cooling pad would help but after 2-3mins its already hot, but good thing is the fan dies down quickly after it gets cooled off.  I assume the cooling is doing well. Ill have to run some stuff through Photoshop and Final Cut to see if it pulls the same energy and heat.

  • lizardcarter Level 2 (465 points)

    Try an SMC reset, this resets the hardware on the machine and should help with your fan issue     (Scroll down for MBP instructions)

  • barkinos98 Level 1 (0 points)

    im still having problems after a pram+smc reset. uhh why isnt these like the coolbook C2D's?

  • Kevenly Level 1 (25 points)

    I have an end-of-2010 MBP with 2.8G Core i7 and every time I run Handbrake it shoots up to 100C almost immediately.  The fans kick in full blast.  It's troublesome.  Surely running Handbrake is going to destroy the internal components just from the expanding/shrinking of the materials even if it doesn't melt the CPU.  Horrible design.  Form over substance to be sure.  I guess having two extra cores isn't helping you out, except maybe it gets done faster and therefore spends less time destroying itself.

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    You are all forgetting that the MacBooks were designed for productivity... not gaming. Gaming is for the bigger Macs


    EDIT: Virtualization is also a system hogger so it would be best to use it with bigger Macs


    Also I have discovered that a clean reinstall can fix most of the overheatting issues (depends on the application you are using)

  • gmss Level 1 (0 points)

    hi everybody

    i want to share the same fan problem with my macbook pro 13'' i7.

    i'm an informatic since 30 years, changing the notebook at least every two years, and it is the first time i unfortunately get a mac. was so happy to get it but i could not and cannot beleive that you spend 1400€ to get a notebook running such a noise. after 2/3 hours working the only thing i can do is to switch to my second notebook with the same configuration, paid 1/3 of the mac price which runs w/o problems.

    i've opened a ticket with the support, gave the mac to the support. what was done was the deletion of 50% of my software and a regression to the osx lion . so i had to reinstall the osx again and the sofwares.

    i understand that this is a problem for the 13" version, also have a friend with the same problem whereas with the 15" it seems does not happen.

    this my first experience with the mac, as a senior informatic, is not really fine. i'm not happy about the quality, about the performances and above all about this noise.

    Even, the support shoud advise the customer that it is a normal behavior that you should work with the earphones in order to not hear the noise.

    is there anybody using the pc to work who solved the problem ? as a test,  you just can try loading the cpu at 30% for a couple of minutes and hear the plane taking off.

    of course, if i use it just for browsing, emails it stays normal.

    tks a lot

  • Gabster13 Level 1 (0 points)

    what seemed to cause the overheating with my macbook was the 'parentalcontrolsd' process running at 96% constantly. even though i didn't had parental control active. as soon as i turned my macbook on it would heat up to 100 degrees and the fans would go nuts while nothing was running. after i fixed the problem the temperature went down and stayed at 60 degrees.



    here is the website that helped me: 9





    can't fry an egg anymore on my mac, but at least i can have it on my lap now.

  • Mr Zupa Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi there,


    I thought I have to share this with you all... I did post it also in another thread.


    I've been having problems with my fans too. I tried everything, I thought I just had to live with it. I alway kept my MacBook Pro clean from the inside when e.g. exchanging a hard-drive. So I started exploring threads about reapplying some new thermal paste, I was desperate ;-)


    Now last time I opened up my MacBook Pro I noticed some dust sticking out of one of the fans. I thought let's have a closer look... and bingo! While trying to keep everything clean, there was some accumulated dust clutter inside the fans which was not visible. Almost like a thin filter keeping the fans from cooling properly. I know this won't be the solution for you all out there with this problems, but at least check it... Mine is now hitting only max rpm when really needed!

    Of course be careful when sticking something in to lift the cap a bit, do not force it! Create a small opening and then use a vacuum cleaner or some compressed air to remove the dust.


    Good luck!



    Ps. here some pics:


  • DPCPhoto Level 1 (10 points)

    And you are forgetting that some people use 3d rendering, video composition, RAM-heavy tasks such as print-worthy multi-layered Photoshop files, and/orvirtual machines to be productive.  None of these are games. 


    The Windows laptops I use never get over 70C.  And they cost 1/2 to 1/3rd the price.  If a cheap plastic PC maker can out out more solid hardware, why can't Apple for as $2000~$2800 laptop?!


    It ist not "productivity" that is the reason behind a poor cooling design.  Sloppy engineering and sloppier manufacturing (read up on all the cases of slopped thermal paste) are, however.

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    I had my MacBook Pro completely DIE on me a couple months ago. The GPU overheated and cost me $600 to replace the motherboard. I use my MacBook Pro in clamshell mode with a 24" external monitor connected via thunderbolt about 90% of the time. This requires the use of the 6750M video card, as iGPU is not utilised when using an external display.


    Browsing through chrome with my fans at 2,000rpm my temperature can be anywhere from 55C-70C, depending on usage (switching through tabs, scrolling through pages, loading pages, etc. While watching a 720p MKV movie my temperatures reamiained around 65C however my fans we're running at 6,200rpm.


    These temperatures in my mind are too high. Coming from a PowerMac and Mac Pro where neither of those computers ever gave me problems, is really disappointing considering that I used the two for 5+ years each and the MacBook Pro couldnt last more than 2 years before being useless. It's difficult to refer to it a 'Pro' laptop given all the problems with it and more so, Apple's disgusting disregard for the problem. I'd expect better.


    I'm trying to find an alternative, particlarly the 2012 MacBook 'Pro' with a 650M video card, but its next to impossible to find one with a matte screen and high resolution 1680x1050 display @ 15".

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