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Everything works up to the point of actually printing. The iPad sees the printer, I hit the print button in the dialogue menu, I get a window saying it is connecting, then nothing happens. Printer is on and active. I did the wireless test on the printer and it says everything is fine. Both the printer and the iPad are connected to the same network. What gives?

iMac 20" Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz, Mac OS X (10.6), Also own iMac G5
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    1. Have you checked to see if there is a firmware update for the printer? The check should be in one of the preferences or setup menus.

    2. Try double-clicking the button below the iPad's screen. That should show all running programs along the bottom of the screen. Press on one and hold until a red minus sign appears. Look for the printer cue and press its minus sign. If a previous printing attempt is blocking later print jobs, this should clear out all pending print jobs.

    3. What kind of WiFi router are you using? Some do not pass the Bonjour data that AirPrint requires. You can check this by configuring the printer for Ad Hoc mode and printing to it directly from the iPad.

  • Robert Huber Level 1 (35 points)
    Thanks for responding.

    1. I found the HP Software Update among the Applications in the HP Utility app. I clicked on the Update Manually button several times but the progress bar runs forever and when I quit it says the app was "unable to access the internet." I am accessing the internet with no problem so don't know what's up.

    2. I found the Print Center app as you said. But note that the cue badge (showing 5 jobs) takes precedent over the minus badge. To clear I had to click on the Print Center app which brought up a list of jobs which I could then delete individually.

    3. I am using AirPort Extreme.

    Still can't get the HP app to connect to the internet so went to the printer's support page on HP website. Firmware updates are not shown. Only software updates. Apple just sent out HP printer updates a couple of days ago which I installed already. Not sure if what HP has is different than that.
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    If you updated the printer's firmware a few days ago, then that is not likely your problem. If you only updated the drivers on your Macintosh, then the printer still needs to be checked.

    The AirPort Extreme is known to work well with AirPrint. The fact that your printer can't get to the internet makes me wonder if it might be connected to a different WiFi base station that does not have a connection to the internet. That would explain why your iPad can't find the printer. That is assuming your iPad can get to the internet!

    Can you add the printer to your Mac's Printer System Preference? If everything fails, you may have a defective printer.

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    By the way, AirPrint does NOT work with the printer connected to the AirPort Extreme's USB port. You may be able to print to it from the Mac, but not the iPad using AirPrint!

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    I got through to HP tech support and we resolved the problem. She had me use the control screen on the printer to access Web Services Settings-->Remove Web Services. Then once removed, use the same controls to re-establish them. This apparently was the workaround to allow the firmware update to get to the printer. For some reason we were unable to get the HP Software Update app on my iMac to access the internet to do it that way. Shutting down, unplugging, replugging, and restarting the printer was also part of the process--but not sure whether that was necessary or not. Both iPhone and iPad now use AirPrint to print to the printer. Very slick!
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    I had exactly the same problem and even tough the printer itself downloaded an update I could not print.
    However, I went in to the menu and removed web services and then reinstalled web services. The pending print job on the iPad then started to print. (No restart of the printer was needed)

    Now everything works as it should.

    Thanks for the tip.
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    I was having the same problem with my MacBook Pro, but your solution fixed the problem.  I needed to restart the printer, however.  Not a big deal just a note for anyone else who tries this fix, you might have to restart, you might not.


    Thanks for the help

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    This is the best advice ..Mine is working again..