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Setting the wired ethernet to use DHCP in the GUI network settings usually doesn't work. I get the yellow signal showing that I'm connected but with the message "No IP address".

I'm connected to a DSL modem with a built in router doing NAT. I'm connecting via a switch and cable that work fine when plugged into my PC.

Here's the weird part: when run ifconfig in the terminal it shows an IP address for en0. If I go back to network settings and select "DHCP with manual address" for Ethernet I can enter the address that was shown in ifconfig and my internet connection works. But this router isn't good about giving clients the same ip address every time so as soon as my DHCP lease expires I have to manually change the address again.

I guess I need a script that copies the ip address from ifconfig into Network Settings. But why?

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macbook 2ghz intel, Mac OS X (10.6.6)