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I recently synced my iphone 4 with itunes 10.1.2, turns out that under the capacity bar, there's this portion named 'others'. It took up 6.2GB of space! Is there anyway to remove/reduce this amount of space?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6), iphone 4 os 4.2.1
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    Welcome to the discussions,
    You'll have to restore the phone to reduce the size of the "other" section on your phone. Probably something went wrong during a sync or data got damaged and can't be read anymore, that's why the size grew. Normally it should be around 0.5GB

    Restoring: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414
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    Hi, thanks for instruction.
    How about the volume of 'others' at which iphone should be restored?
    My others now is about 0.57G.
    I have no idea how it will be growing.
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    if your other is above 0.8GB you should have a closer look at your sync process. Sometimes data gets stored in the other section which will be removed during the next sync, for example if you install an update of a 4rd party app. So no worries at 0.57GB
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    Thanks, Ingo, 8-)
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    I did all the reformat and restore thing but the memory just won't come back.

    Then I fould out that if you are using a new iPhone and syncing your old phone's data (minus some old apps that you think you do not required anymore), chances are that some media players (such as w.tv and o-reader) still have residual data on your phone.

    Try to recall these media player apps, redownload the apps, and delete the media files.

    I wiped 4.15GB using the above. Hope it helps you too. If it does, please repost and spread the word.
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    I had a big other section but then I tried to install a Navigation App that is 1.7GB. I tried to install the application and it failed. After it failed my other section went up by 1.7GB. I am guessing this is no coincidence.


    I used DiskAid as I heard others talking about it and was strolling through. I went to Media and then PublicStaging where the folder is 1.9GB. My other section is 2.9GB through iTunes. I went into the folder and saw the App that I tried to install and another app. The app I tried to install was 1.7GB and the folder with the same name as the app I tried to install was 1.7GB. This cannot be a coincidence. The other folder in the PublicStaging is 170MB which is Office 1.1.0.ipa and I have no idea what it is but it must be Microsoft Office related from an educated guess and I am not too bothered about it as I want to reclaim the 1.7GB or as much of the 2.9GB.


    I want to ask what if I should delete this folder or should iTunes or the iPhone delete it automatically. It has been a couple of days and I tried to Restore from Backup but I only have one backup which was backed up after I installed the App and it failed. Any help would be great as I have a trial version of DiskAid which only has 14 Days Left on Trial Mode.


    Also the "Media>iTunes_Control>Music" folder has 12MB and 50 Folders which makes sense except for the folders as I only have 3 Songs as I listen to the Radio most of the time. Every other folder has a reasonable amount of size except for PublicStaging.


    I use a Windows 64-bit Laptop with the Latest Version of iTunes, iOS and DiskAid. I also do not want to restore my iPhone as I do not want to lose my inApp Data.