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Hi folks. I just bought a 4 month old iMac 21.5 500GB model and yeah, I'm blown away. Anyway the thing is that there are a lot of empty folders from previous owner and his name keeps showing up for accounts etc, so I want to wipe the HDD and restore/reinstall the OS X 10.6 and start like new again before I get into having my own stuff on it. I have 2 discs that came with it - Mac OS X Install DVD and iMac Applications Install DVD. What's the process for doing this so that all HIS stuff will be gone forever and it will become MY iMac? Thanks guys.

iMac 21.5, Mac OS X (10.6.6), Wireless ADSL
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    Back up anything currently on it that you want saved and then start up from the Mac OS X Install DVD.
    Then... Follow this.

    Essentially you will choose your language then at the menu bar choose Utilities and down to Disk Utility. Select your HD on the left and choose the Erase tab. Make sure its Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and name it MAC HD or Macintosh HD. Then click Erase.
    Afterwards you can close out of Disk Utility and then continue with the installation.

    That's a 30 second explanation. Below me is someone who actually typed up something useful and legible.
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    Wonderful - it's easy to do what you want to accomplish:

    Insert the install CD; once the icon shows on the desktop, hold down the C key and choose Restart. It will now boot from the install CD. Once booted, click past the language selection and then go to Utilities (Menu bar), click on Disk Utility, and choose your internal hard drive. Click on Erase - you'll have various choices; I usually go with the 7 x write (it'll write zeroes seven times and nobody will be able to recover anything). Once the erase is done (it will take some time!!), quit Disk Utility and let the installer do its' thing. You will go through the complete install and initial setup, so you can set up your own account, etc. If you have any files, etc. that you want transferred, back them up first - during the setup, the Setup Assistant will start automatically and ask you if you want to transfer anything. If you only have a couple of files, you can also drag 'n drop them later. In any case, the setup will continue and will ask you to insert the second disk. Once all of that is finished, you'll have your own setup and everything from the previous owner will have been deleted.
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    Hey, thanks guys. You're as quick as my iMac boot up!!
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    You're welcome and thanks for the feedback - happy mac-ing!
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    I went through your non geek instrucions, thanks Barbara, and each time I got to the click erase tab I was only given "greyed out" options?? Anyway I tried the link in prior post and all appears to be working now. Just waiting for the install. Time for a cuppa.
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    Post back if you have any further problems - and don't forget to update your profile so you show something other than a Windows machine.... Exact info also helps when trying to help with some troubleshooting.
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    Hi again Barbara. Well it's all gone through and erased/reinstalled OS X and the other bundled Apps. I've got the Internet working. Its nice to see "Frank..........iMac" instead of previous owners name! Ha ha. But just going through files/settings - you know, like a kid with a new toy, I opened something to do with the mouse and it said "Shaun.......mouse". Any ideas on this one? I can't stand it saying it's someone elses.
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    I don't use the bluetooth mouse (don't laugh - I still use a one button USB mouse because it suits my hand ergonomically), so I can't duplicate it; however, I've read a couple of threads here that mentioned that they bought a brand new Mac and the mouse had already been named - the answer was that the mouse is needed to pre-install the OS so that was probably the reason. When the name comes up in Bluetooth Preferences, you can try to hit return while the name is highlighted (or try doubleclicking it) - if that changes to a typable area, rename it. And here is some helpful info on Bluetooth:

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    Thanks Barbara. I'll have another play around soon. Just veging out now watching a movie....Sunday arvo stlye. Hey where is Pacific NW?
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    In the northwest area of the United States next to the Pacific Ocean (Pacific NW usually includes the states of Washington and Oregon).