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I cannot find how to import just select photos from my camera. I have numerous copies of the same photos in my library. I know there must be an option for not importing duplicates but I cannot find it. Can someone help? Thanks.

Imac Core duo 24", Mac OS X (10.4.8), Older G4 OS9/10
  • LarryHN Level 9 (76,966 points)
    iPhoto 6 does not have a selective import feature - use image capture (in your applications folder) to selectively import

    or upgrade to iPhoto '08 or later - all later versions do have the selective import feature

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    Thanks for your feedback. I had been using Image Capture but suddenly it seems to be malfunctioning. It appears I have to reboot the computer each time to get it to work properly. I guess I'll either upgrade or wait until I get a new Mac.
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    I'm having the same problem (I think) both on my I Mac and on my Mac Book Pro. A couple years ago, I imported 3000 pictures on my I Mac that I had saved on an external hard drive. Since then, we added another 3000 pics, some from our camera, others, old pictures we scanned. I noticed a couple weeks ago while ******* around on I photo that most pictures had a duplicate so I spent a few days manually deleting the duplicates, only to realize that they're still on the hard drive. So for the last week, I've been spending a couple hours a night deleting these duplicates. Even the scanned pics have duplicates.
    Am I wrong in wanting to delete them? Don't the duplicates take up double the hard drive space? Is there a fix to prevent this? Is there a program that automatically detects and deletes duplicates?
    I noticed yesterday that some of the pics I downloaded on my Mac Book Pro also have duplicates but not all of them. Even the generic images that come with the computer all have a duplicate.
    What gives?????
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    Where are you seeing the duplicates? In the iPhoto Window? In the Finder?

    Are you running a Managed or a Referenced Library?

    A +Managed library+, is the default setting, and iPhoto copies files into the iPhoto Library when Importing

    A +Referenced Library+ is when iPhoto is NOT copying the files into the iPhoto Library when importing because you made a change at iPhoto -> Preferences -> Advanced. In this scenario you are responsible for the File Management.


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    The duplicates are in Finder, in the "All Images" folder.
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    *These are not Duplicates*

    The All Images is not a Folder. It's not a Place. All Images is a List

    Specifically, All Images is an answer to an Instruction: "List All the Images on my Mac" Never, ever manipulate anything in iPhoto via that list.

    Your iPhoto Library contains several apparent duplicates, but they are not duplicates. While they have similar filenames they are, respectively, the thumbnail, the original file and the edited version of the file.

    All are necessary for iPhoto to work. Again, I stress, these are not duplicates, they are different versions of your photo and all are needed for iPhoto to work.

    So, what have you been deleting and from where?


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    Uh oh! This isn't good! I was deleting every single picture that had a duplicate because I thought they were taking up double the hard drive space. I want to save all my pictures on a portable hard drive in case of crash, fire etc. and I assumed because the pics were doubled, they would take up double the space.
    How do I save my pictures on an external hard drive then if not through finder?
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    There are various ways to do this.

    To simply back up the Photos - and nothing else:

    Export them from iPhoto: File -> Export to the location you prefer.

    Better: Back up the iPhoto Library - it's in your Pictures Folder, simply by copying it to an external disk. This gets your photos, all version, plus all your metadata, albums, books, slideshows etc etc