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    Hi guys sorry for first sorry for bad english but i'm italian.

    So i have the same "problem". I have a Macbook pro 15" i7 HD 500 gb and i have the same "problem", well i don't now if it's a problem or no. I made a video recording this sound, tell me is yours Macbook do the same, and if is this the problem that are you talking about.


    Put the headphones for hear it better.


    Thanks you guys.

  • gkhn Level 1 (0 points)



    Thanks Damyasroma for the video,



    I guess Apple engineers don't read these pages.



    Let's spread this problem with this video,


    This has to be fixed !


    Also, please do not send solutions if they don't really work,


    Many people, including me, are following this topic desperately

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    the clinking/clicking nois is beacuse the hard drive is not registered;


    Resetting PRAM and NVRAM

    1. Shut down the computer.
    2. Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command, Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.
    3. Turn on the computer.
    4. Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys. You must press this key combination before the gray screen appears.
    5. Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time.
    6. Release the keys.

    That should fix it, if it didn't try it again and if no luck then there is a fault with your hard drive.


    Good luck


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    Dear Antonio,


    I just say ''NO, it doesn't work !''


    Also, registering hard disk doesn't sound good. Why should I do that ?



    Still noise around, so it does not mean our hard drives are faulty !!! I went to genius bar. No problem reported at all, Also, some people went to genius bar and changed their HDD because they thought that their one is faulty, but the noise is still there.


    It is something relates to HDD and the metalic unibody. I am not even sure about it actually.


    Solution can be SSD, or an update for HDD, so we just wait



    Only thing works for me so far, ''when you play music on iTunes, the sound goes away'' make it mute to listen to hard drive of course


    I hope this helps ( ! )

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    Sorry to hear that,

    I had the same problem and contacted apple 3 days ago.

    They gave me this instruction and woked for me.

    My hard drive noise which was freaking me out is gone now, My laptop is 3 weeks old.





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    well, for me, it  is not that crazy,


    I just hear it in really quiet room, after 12 especially.



    But it doesn't feel right after you recognize it.



    Your problem must be worse than this, but hopefully you fixed it.

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    I've had the same noise issue with my harddrive. I took it to the genius bar and, of course, they said nothing is wrong with the computer. But I press down on the right side of the computer, and it clearly manipulates the noise, indicating to me its the harddrive. Apple needs to resolve this issue.

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    The PRAM and NVRAM reset was exactly what they had me do on my first support call. It didn't work for me. Neither did taking it to a local Apple authorized repair center. Sending it into Apple for repair and them installing OSX afresh didn't fix it. Most importantly, after trying 3 different hard drives from 3 different manufacturers (Toshiba, WD, & Hitachi) the noise remains. I'm convinced this a manufacturing or, more likely, a design flaw. It's a great laptop in every other way, except for the hard drive noise. I'll live with it, but the quality and Apple's response to the problem are disappointing.


    I haven't yet tried to dampen it with a silicone wafer which might have some limited benefit. It conducts heat and wouldn't add much weight to the drive. I wouldn't recommend using lead as someone earlier suggested. I will likely install an SSD when the capacities go up and the prices go down.


    I would be pleasantly surprised if Apple were to own this issue and fix it. However, I don't think it's likely given the responses I've received (i.e. "It's working as expected").


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    Dear all,


    i fixed the noise problem :-( By buying and installing of an SSD!


    Still i am not amused about Apple handling this problem. I love to work in quite room and had to invest into an new SSD with an capacity far lower than an HD.


    I think this diskussion is full of hints to an fail construktion of the alu unibody and apple should respond and make an offer to fix this problem

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    I also bought an SSD to fix this problem,   sadly though I have but 1/4 of my storage.       Apple needs to own this problem asap,  way to many noise expensive laptops. 

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    what kind of SSD did you buy?

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    Yes guys with the ssd we won't have any noise because there isn't movement but why after spending 2000 euros i must buy a 500gb ssd that cost 500/600 euros!? It's crazy! I think that i will live with the noise...

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    I had this issue since I had my 13 inch MacBook pro and had the hard drive replaced about a month after owning the laptop. The new harddrive had the same issue and I was just under impression that this was something normal since almost everyone I know has the same sound


    Well I had enough this past weekend so ordered a OCZ Vertex 3 240gb

    SSD. Yeah it was a costly upgrade but worth every penny. The difference is literally night and day. The installation was quite easy and all I needed were few screwdrivers and watched few videos on YouTube.


    My laptop is now totally silent and the performance is amazing. I'm booting up under 10 seconds and it bootdowns under 5 seconds. Programs open so much faster and my read rate is about 400 mb/sec.


    I know it's a expensive upgrade but I feel it's totally worth it. I highly recommend getting a SSD for anyone that's having this issue.

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    MartinKW my good man you just saved the day!!! My brand new MBP was making that scratching sound (always three in a row) and I was paniced the drive was about to go bust. Turns out its was indeed the notification sound in Outlook! Thank you for your post!


    Hey Microsoft...What a rotten choice for a notification sound.

    MartinKW wrote:


    I had the same problem with Outlook 2011.  For those that had the same problem I fixed it by loading Outlook, go to Outlook -> Preferences -> Notifications & Sounds, and disabling the "No new messages" sound.  If you click the play button for that sound it sounds like a little scratching noise.

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