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  • WylyQuimby Level 1 Level 1
    I've having the same issue with my ACD 24". Reseting the PRAM did not help.
  • RTJjr Level 1 Level 1
    Another me too...intermittent flickering when connected to one year old 24"ACD. Begins upon awaking from sleep or at initial log on, frequent flicker for 30 min or so then settles down to normal display with cycle repeating usually but not always after another sleep. A mid-2010 model 15" MBP and a MB Air have no problems with the same ACD. The new MBP always running fairly cool when flicker starts.

    Spent an half hour on phone with Apple Care this morning leading to resetting PRAM and SMC and thought things fixed. But all symptoms have returned later today.
  • Timo Level 1 Level 1
    I have this problem on my one year old 15" MBP i7 with all sorts of displays / TVs / beamers connected via VGA, DVI or HDMI. The displays get black for a second every few minutes, which is very annoying.

    I brought it to an apple reseller and they told me that they couldn't find any errors within a 14 hour test run... they told me to make a video of the issue, if possible.

    I did with my iPhone, but as I need the MBP permanently, I couldn't bring it back again. There seem to be more and more people having problems with flickering displays and I hope, Apple will fix this with one of the next updates.
  • Mike Lovelady Level 1 Level 1
    Just another "Me Too". Culprit for me is the 17" MBP thunderbolt model that just arrived on Friday and replaced a Mid 2010 17" MBP. This never happened with the previous 2 laptops I've had attached to this 24" ACD. Help... super annoying.
  • SwizzleS Level 1 Level 1
    same story as mine; totally agree! the problem is on the NEW MacBook Pro
  • blade0440 Level 1 Level 1
    Me too (kinda)
    however iv got the 13inch and im using a 22inch dell lcd connected through DVI
    -i get the flickering only when switching a power connection on/off thats connected to the same power socket!! (strange!!?)
    -when the mac starts up or comes alive from sleep it may often display:
    "current input timing is not supported by the monitor display, please change your input timing to 1920x1080@60hx..." which is strange because its always set at that

    Anybody have any ideas? is it normal for hdmi to dvi signal to be interrupted from simply switching a light on or off?
  • Timo Level 1 Level 1
    Anyone else having this issue with an older MacBookPro and other displays, like me?
  • Allison Sheridan Level 1 Level 1
    I have a new MBP as well, using the Thunderbolt connector with my 24" Cinema Display also has flicker (2008 MBP does not cause this problem).

    Two flicker symptoms - whole screen turns very briefly on and off, and the bottom 1/4th of the screen suddenly jumps to the right and back.

    I have a genius bar appt set up for this Friday. Hopefully I'll remember to report back here!

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  • Allison Sheridan Level 1 Level 1
    Yesterday I reset the PRAM and SMC and the flicker continued. I called AppleCare about it, and she suggested I plug in the monitor and then run Software Update. She said that it can trigger a firmware update for a monitor specific problem. It didn't do anything but that's a good diagnostic step to keep in mind. I asked her to check to see if it's a known issue, and she did, but found nothing.

    Then I had my genius bar appt this afternoon, but of course all morning the problem never happened. Made me wonder if somehow one of the steps yesterday actually did fix it? I kept the appointment anyway, and while it never went bad while I was there, the guy recorded a new incident and did check to see if it was a known issue (I know, I'd asked already). He checked and DID find evidence that reports were coming in on this issue. This is GOOD news.

    He said there most likely will be a firmware update for us so we should hang loose for a bit.

    hope this helps,
    Allison Sheridan
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    A technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias!
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  • Allison Sheridan Level 1 Level 1

    so I was really excited to see the Firmware 1.4 for MacBook Pro that said "fixes video stability".  Ran the update, same flickering on/off and occasional movement of the bottom half of the screen from side to side.


    Today after the firmware update, I closed the lid on my MacBook Pro.  an hour later opened, and curiously it was at the login screen.  I logged in, got a spinning wheel.  Walked away to do something, when i came back I had ONE single white pixel on a black background on the MacBook Pro monitor, all black on the Cinema Display.


    yeah, I'm lovin' this Firmware update.

  • MikeDaley Level 1 Level 1

    Well it looks like I'm just another me too at the moment. Upgraded from a 1st Gen Unibody 15" MBP which has never given me problems with my 24" ACD to a 2.2Ghz i7 15" MBP on 16th April. Since then I've experienced the same problems described in this thread. Most commonly the screen switching to black for a second and then back on again plus the bottom 1/4 of the screen shifting to the left.


    These problems only occur on the ACD and not when using the MBPs own screen.


    A third problem I was getting was tearing of the display when moving windows from left to right at the to of the screen. The tool bars would seem to render slightly behind the rest of the window. After applying the firmware update this is the only problem that has been fixed, the blacking out and screen corruption at the bottom still occurs


    I'm hoping this is something Apple sort out soon as it's very annoying...

  • Hey Ryan Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problem! I just purchased a 17 inch 2011 Macbook Pro and connected it to my 24 inch LED Cinema display and get the random flicker, black screen and screen tearing. I also have a first gen unibody Macbook and do not have such problems when I connect it to my ACD.


    I hope Apple will release a fix.

  • arlo_j Level 1 Level 1

    Same.  Brand new thunderbolt MBP, Apple 24" LED display.  Blinks to black for a second and then back on, every 4 seconds or so at this point.  Also does the lateral flickr without going black every once in a while. 



    I thought it had to do with the temperature of the laptop, but it's sitting below an open window currently, at night, and the problem is occurring like crazy.


    Also, I had it at my office today hooked up to a Dell through a DVI adapter, and no flickering at all. 


    Hoping for a real fix soon, this gear isn't cheap and it's acting pretty poorly.

  • MikeDaley Level 1 Level 1

    Interestingly enough I don't see any of these problems when running Lion, so really does point to a software problem.

  • jkirker Level 1 Level 1

    4 2011 MBP's that I've had have done this:


    Anyone know of a fix yet?



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