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Apple has a page with instructions on how to activate a GSM iPhone without wireless service, for use as a WiFi-only device, by activating with a SIM and then removing the SIM:


I am wondering if there is any way to do this with the SIM-less Verizon CDMA version. The phone I might want to do this with is currently active on Verizon. So if I turn it off and activate another phone on that line, what will happen when I turn the iPhone back on? Will it say "Connect to iTunes"? Or will it just have no service but be usable otherwise? (Don't bother asking why...)
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    I believe this capability only stays with an iPhone on the GSM. Cause of the sim. However, due to a simless model ( iPhone 4 on the Verizon network, CDMA) the phone automatically deactivates. But im just giving aneducated guess. Good luck though
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    You could put the iphone in airplane mode and leave it there and then turn on the wifi. With Verizon I believe that once you activate another phone on that number the old phone will no longer be recognized. I don't know if the phone will insist on activation again or not.
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    The reason I wonder about the behavior of this phone is that when I got it, it said, of course, "Connect to iTunes", and when I did it spontaneously activated itself, forcibly knocking the old phone off the network, even though the old phone was turned on. I never heard of a Verizon phone doing that before. Airplane mode sounds like a good idea, but I don't know if that survives rebooting or connecting to iTunes. I'm just worried that if it discovers it has no network it will revert to the "Connect to iTunes" screen, and then kick the other phone off again the moment it sees iTunes.
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    Well when you connect the phone if you ordered it the phone is pending on your account and it is waiting to activated. So once you plug it in the old phone gets shut off. Now the iPhone is a little different. I think that because there is no sim that it still mike work if you get a new phone. Because eveen old deactivated phones don't lock up they just lose the ability to recieve the networks signal. So in theory, the wifi is a local and not a network feature So you still might be able to use the iPhone on CDMA when it's not activated. But I think thatthis would only happen if the iPhone was already activated. Does that make sense??? Lol
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    I doubt the phone will want you to activate it again.. you should be able to use it as a ipod with no service..
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that when you turn on airplane mode it turns off your WiFi and you cannot reconnect until you turn off airplane mode again.
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    You can use the phone as a iPod essentially with activating it per se. I was using my initial iPhone as an iPod basically as I had yet to activate it and was able to jusrt use it standalone.