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    Same issue. Wasn't fixed wirh iOS4.3. Is this problem known to Apple or do I have to repor it omewhere?
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    So nice to hear that I am not alone. I have homesharing set up on my new MBP, iPad and a windows 7 laptop. The mac can see and connect to the other iTunes libraries. The others can see the MBP but can't connect to the library.

    After several hours on the phone the one way we got it to work was to open the MBP in safe mode.

    Apple thinks it could be the OS and may want to re-install. They are looking at other options first and will call me back later this week.
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering with this issue since I purchased my MacBookPro on Saturday.

    I thought it was because my media is stored on a networked drive and, although the chap from AppleCare was helpful as always, wasn't able to support me (as they don't support non-local iTunes media folders apparently).

    We tried a library locally and it worked whilst I was on the phone to him, but I've not been able to replicate that success since - so it seems I'm actually in the same boat as you guys.

    If Im honest, I'm really disappointed - this is my first mac - I assumed interoperability between apple products was a given! What annoys me the most is my PC laptop works just fine.

    Hope it's fixed before the returns date (otherwise I'm going to have to take it back!)
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    Very interesting, this maybe starting to go viral. I hope everyone is opening a case number with Apple Care so we get a higher priority on the fix.
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    I know for a fact that Apple has read and may continue to be reading this thread. When I first made my call to Apple I immediately directed the tech to this thread. I held while they read the entire thread. I also did this when my call was elevated to the next higher level of service. I requested they put me on hold and read this thread. He did once again and by the time he got back on the phone he had an entire understanding of what I was experiencing.

    Two key take aways. Call in and log your problems with Apple and insist on two things. Once they look at this thread. Be ready to email them the link if you can. Two request they do a data capture of your system so it gets sent to software engineering for review.

    I am convinced this is a software issue with the OSX specific build to the new MBP. I think the Apple TV is leaving a port open upon activation of home sharing. I could be SO SO wrong so that is why if you have this issue it needs to be called into Apple.

    For the person who stated that Apple take these forums with a grain of salt I would agree with that statement to a point but if you call in and log your issues then point them to this site then that is more powerful then if you just elect to log your concerns here instead of directly with Apple.

    They are looking at this so update accordingly but please call into Apple.

    Best of luck to all who have been driven crazy like I have on this issue.
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    I agree, please call Apple and get a case number.
    FYI, I do not have an Apple TV, so I don't think this has anything to do with Apple TV. I can not get home sharing to work from the Mac to my iPhones, or to my wife's PC. But, I can share from my wife's PC to the iphones and the Mac. So I think this is specifically a MBP issue.
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    I find that very interesting. I told you I could be so so wrong LOL. Just got off the phone again with Apple they are working on this as we speak but they need more people to call in and provide data capture info.

    For those of you who wiped you hard drive clean and reinstalled OSX without putting anything else on your Hard Drive did you still have this issue. I did. Wiped the HD cleaned installed OSX update Itunes put 1 and only 1 song on the HD and it worked for 10 minutes, quit Itunes and boom it broke again. Anyone else have this issue after a clean install and nothing else except a song or two put onto the HD.

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    Hey guys, what Im wondering is if it's a build issue when we install clean from the system disks is the problem still there? Has anyone tried this? Having to use a PC to stream my shows to our two Apple TVs is making me nuts. My MBP Quad is way if I convert media I have to move it over to the PC to stream it which is bunk.

    If someone hasn't done a clean install from the system disks we need to try that. I can do it but Im at work and I use my machine as a daily driver here. Maybe tonight when I get home..but if someone can try this now it would be very helpful.
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    I have a scheduled call back for this Friday, March 11. They are currently looking at what options they have available before we reinstall the OS.

    I will let them know about this thread. I will update with any news I can.
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    I will continue to update as well. It does make me feel better others are in the same boat. Not that I would wish this upon anyone since it is a big pain in the backside. I won't post I found a solution again because every time I do the fix fails but if something does work that comes down from Apple I will post ASAP.
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    Surely the quick win for Apple support would just be to take a new Macbook Pro out of its box, install iTunes with one album and then try and connect an Apple TV to it or use the Remote app via homeshare.

    After it initially "works" shutdown iTunes and then see if they can reopen it and get either the Remote App or ATV to play ball with it again?

    Then they'd know straight away if this is affecting ALL new Macbook Pros, or if it's something specific to our installation. If it's affecting everyone with a new Macbook Pro they'd want to get this fixed ASAP.
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    Just a quick update from me...

    I've been on the phone to AppleCare again for the majority of the time since my post earlier today. We worked through loads of troubleshoots, but to no avail. The AppleCare adviser is certain it's a problem with the MacBook Pro, but needs more time to read through his technical documentation before he refers the issue to engineers.

    I'm expecting a call back tomorrow between 11 and 12 - I'll update with any news tomorrow (if there is any!)
  • sftobos Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks for the update. Hopefully they pool their resources from the UK and USA and assign one or a group of software / hardware guru's to fix the problem. This thread
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    I may call Apple when I get home just to open another ticket and increase visibility. WJ, did Apple give you a case number? If so, I can reference it and say "Im having the same issue" and perhaps others on here can call in and say the same thing. Pretty quick here, Apple will be all over this.

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    Thread has gone quiet. Has anyone had any luck reinstalling OS X?
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