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I'm having a problem trying to uninstall and reinstall itunes. All of the components were successfully removed except for 'iTunes'. after trying uninstall I keep getting a message : the path cannot be found verify you have access or try to find the installation package in another folder.

It also asks me to ' enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package. itunes64.msi'

Ive already deleted all the files individually from C drive, but itunes still shows. repeating the same message.

any ideas or suggestions.....please



Windows 7
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    This kind of MSI problem can often be fixed with the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility.

    Unfortunately the Microsoft Installer Cleanup utility has been withdrawn by Microsoft because of compatibility issues with Microsoft Office so you will need to find a copy elsewhere – the installer is msicuu2.exe. You need version 3.

    Google msicuu2.exe download
    mydigitallife in the above search has a copy of version 3

    Check for malware before installing it.

    After installing, To run the program – All Programs>>Windows Install
    If you get permission denied error, Try Run as Administrator – an option if you right click on the program.

    Run the program and remove any reference you find to iTunes. Then try installing again.