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When I plug up my iPad to iTunes, the iPad shows up but does not charge. I thought it might be my version of iTunes, but I just downloaded the newest version of it and it didn't seem to fix anything.

iOS 4
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    Are you connected to a Mac or a PC? And is the iPad connected to a USB hub or directly to the Mac? (Or PC.) Most USB ports only supply the minimum 500mA of power. The iPad needs more than that. Some Macs and PCs can supply enough power to charge the iPad while the iPad is on and syncing with iTunes. But for others, you have to have the iPad off (sleeping) for it to charge. For example, my iPad will show charging if I plug it directly into my Mac, but will show "not charging" if I plug into my PC or I plug into the USB hub on the Mac's monitor. (A non-Apple monitor.) The iPad will charge in these latter cases, I just have to have the iPad off.