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Hi - I'm getting used to Aperture (well, trying to) after using Lightroom for a couple of years. Anyway - I'm enjoying some of the new features such as Faces, and the sync with FB and Flickr, however yesterday and today - a couple of things happened that are very disconcerting.

I was adding some pictures directly from Aperture to an existing Facebook album (fortunately a very small one currently) - went to look at my handiwork on Facebook and was surprised to see one of my captions wiped out and replaced with IMGXXXversion2... Now, I've let Aperture have access to my FB albums - thinking it was a pretty neat feature that it syncs with FB - and now I have those pictures accessible in Aperture - same with Flickr.

None of my other albums were affected - but this sets a troubling precedent - not one that I've had a chance to explore much yet - but wondered if others had encountered. It's definitely not a good thing to have an album - and a bunch of "very creative captions" that you spent time coming up with - only to have them wiped out every time Aperture does an upload and resyncs with a particular album.

Tonight - I created a duplicate version of a particular picture that had been uploaded to FB last night - to tweak it further and play with some color brushes. Much to my surprise - I get on FB and see I have new comments - well - it turns out the duplicate was uploaded in place of the old one - all previous comments wiped out - AND - that same picture with a caption - AGAIN wiped out??!!

How do I stop this? How do I take advantage of the sync feature - but not have it do things like that?

2011 MBP 15" 2.3GHz i7 quad
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    I almost don't want to bring up Aperture again - until I get this fixed. I've recreated captions about 5 times already...
  • BrianVPI Level 1 (0 points)
    Has noone encountered this? I may end up going back to Lightroom - which I don't want to do since I shelled out the full $200 for Aperture - but can't recreate FB albums every time I bring up Aperture.
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    I think you'll find that Facebook is not near the top of the list of important features for most Aperture users- or Lightroom users for that matter.

    That being said, none of my captions have been changed so I don't know what is causing your problem.

    So I did a test: if you create the new version while in the Facebook album on the Aperture side, it will indeed behave as you describe. However, if you create the new version while in the Aperture project, it has no effect on the Facebook album.

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    Well - I can understand that for the "professional" - the FB features are low on the list of priorities. But they're there - and niceties - and many people take great pains to use FB albums as surrogate share locations - as getting people to FB is easier than getting them to Flickr.

    I will confirm tonight - but I'm almost positive that I was working in the Aperture Project where the photo was located - not in the FB album - actually - even as I type this - I know I was. I created a duplicate of a photo - which I had already edited and uploaded to FB (again, all in the project, not the FB album) and began to experiment with brushes enhancing eye color. Again - I was pretty stunned to see a flood of new comments - and to discover that the new photo was uploaded in place of the previous - and once again - any caption in that album - had been wiped out.

    This is certainly not a desirable feature. Imagine if this was one of my larger albums.
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    Well - I just disabled Facebook in Aperture. I can't seem to figure out the fix - and having to recreate captions each time I open Aperture is a bit ridiculous. It really seems that there's a definite bug here.
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    BrianVPI wrote:
    It really seems that there's a definite bug here.

    A bug can be replicated by other users with the same result, and this is clearly not the case.

    I think you may be unclear on Projects and Albums.

    If you see a Facebook logo next to where you're working in Aperture, you are in the Facebook album on the Aperture side. You are not in the project where the master resides.

    Versions created while in the Aperture project, and not in the Facebook album IN APERTURE, should have no effect on the Facebook album that's on Facebook or the Facebook album that's IN APERTURE.

    Changes made to the Facebook album that's on Facebook or the Facebook album that's IN APERTURE are synchronized AFAIK.

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    I'm not so sure it's "clearly" not the case. I took some additional time last night to use Google and found other similar instances where people are warning users of this phenomenon.

    While admittedly, no expert on Aperture, and yes, still feeling out the best way to utilize Projects, Albums...etc, I can state unequivocally, that I was working in my project, not the Facebook Album. The issue seems to be that Aperture syncs upon opening (and immediately overwrites captions with file names) and further, if you make any changes to a particular photo (again, still in your project, not the FB album in Aperture)or a duplicate (which I had made to further experiment with brushes), for some reason that gets reflected on FB as well.

    All I have to do to recreate the caption overwrite is bring up Aperture, or simply click on the FB album in Aperture which triggers a resync and the caption will again be replaced.

    If it was simply a matter of only those images physically placed in the FB album in Aperture being synched - that would be great. In fact, that's how it should work. But that's not how it currently works - and I'm not the only person who has encountered this.

    I did manage to find a plug-in (again, referenced by someone with a similar issue) that may offer a work around until Aperture gets this patched up.

    I do appreciate you taking the time to reply.

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    I don't know then. In the project, I can create a new version, make adjustments to it, change the name and move it to the top of the stack without affecting Facebook at all.


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    One other observation. When you disassociate the FB account - it gives you the option to import all the FB photos. This only seems to partially work. It imported only about 20 of my images - and I probably have a couple hundred across about 15 or so albums. It appears that the FB feature in Aperture still needs work.
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    I've had to stop using the Facebook uploader just a couple of days ago. Every sync it seemed to make duplicate copies of the original versions of an album I opened or imported to, and replace my nice edited photos in the FB with the unedited version. So it gives a message that there are a bunch of new photos but they are all unedited duplicates. It won't let me delete some of these from the FB album. By the time I had 4 copies of everything I just had to disassociate the the account.

    It's not too horrible to export smallish-jpegs from Aperture and import to FB manually, but I really liked the importer (when it was working).

    I didn't change anything with any settings that I'm aware of, so I'm not sure what set this off.
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    Well, after the 3.1.2/10.6.7 update and a general permissions repair I haven't noticed the problem again. I had also had thumbnails disappearing from my library but that seems to have also been fixed, or at least the photos I was looking for have reappeared.

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    I definitely have the same problem you do and it is VERY frustrating.  Further, I DO use facebook as part of a business tool for my photography work and to be able to upload pics from Aperture (WITHOUT losing all my captions, etc.) IS important.  Have you ever found a solution ?  Is there a setting I can modify or something ?



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    I never found a solution - I just stopped using the feature completely.

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    Brian, do you have "automatically stack new versions" selected in Aperture's General Preferences? Do you remember if the two versions you were talking about were stacked together? I wonder if Aperture had (or maybe still has) a bug that caused the newest version to replace the previously selected Album Pick in the Facebook uploader? The behaviour of replacing one image with the other, instead of just uploading a new image sounds like the Album Pick is/was switching from one picture to the other.


    Also, which plug-in did you switch to for Facebook syncing?






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