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  • Ikra Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    To All,


    My original message is somewhere in the middle of this discussion. I can just add to Steven_Wt, I had this exact same problem within one week with my new macbook 17inch November 2011. I reported it to Apple and they also understood me when I told them that I did enough of re-installs, hardware test, excluding all third party software etc... the whole conversation took less then 10 minutes they offered me:

    1 take the macBook to a tech center

    2 send it back and get a new one

    I went for the latter and had no problems since.


    Voila just my two cents about how they do take care about their customers.

    A happy Apple user since 1998.

  • flashweb Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, I have a 2011 Mac Book Pro 15 inch with I7 CPU, same problem. There seems no logic in terms of what program is running as to when it freezes, the screen goes whacko. The only consistency is the longer the machine runs, the hotter it gets and the more frequent it freezes. Eventually this affects the boot and the machine wont even do that.


    I have had the issue for 3 or 4 weeks, I thought it was software at first. After phoning Apple they said it sounded like hardware and that the next step is to take it to the Apple Store.


    I have had the machine for 1 year and 7 days, sounds like they are going to try and sting me for paying for a repair. I WONT BE ACCEPTING THAT APPLE CORP, after spending £1600 on a machine that last to just out of guarantee period!!! Really not impressed.

  • timaaaaa93 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I feel your fustration man. I just got mine back and all they did is uninstall and reinstall the whole computer and so far its actaully working. My warrenty runs out in a few weeks so hopefully thats the problem and its fixed now.

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    I am sorry but am glad  to read that I am not the only one dealing with this issue. I could not figure out what I did. I only had ITunes running and was on safari. This is not the first time it has happened but always restarted. Now my screen is blank and will not even restart. I have tried everything I can think of. I am writing this on iPad and if anyone has some ideas of what I can do. I could use any suggestions other then call Aplle which i will be doing tomorrow Thanks, Karen

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    I'm also having this annoying problem where my 15" MacBook Pro 8,2 continuously freezes. There's no particular moment when it does, it just happens, more often after I turn it on. I've already did a recovery, and a clean install, and still happens.


    What solutions we have for this issue? is there any oficial communication from apple about this issue? any test that we can run to help with this?


    This is becoming a big issue for me, because I never know when it can freeze and lose the work I'm doing in that moment.


    I hope to get some answers here.




  • flashweb Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    An update on my issue.


    I took it to the Apple Store and they refreshed the firmware and changed some software settings; all of which I knew was a waste of time. So having called me saying its all done I trooped down to the store turned the machine on and it freezes within minutes - ooh what a surprise.


    I am now advised that Apple propose to change the motherboard as the chip that controls the power is likley to have failed. This seems to make allot of sense to me observing the symptoms.


    I am now awaiting for the repair to be completed. I rang to ask for an update from the Apple Store at Bluewater to query if the motherboard has been received for my machine? I was told flatly that they could not help me and that the technician will ring me once the repair is done. This was after wating for 20 minutes on the phone. More poor service.


    If it is the power chip I give it another year and the problem will come back with the new identical motherboard, but hey its only £1600 machine. I will not be paying any more premium prices for products from Apple - poor product and very poor service. Plenty of other choice out there! Bye Bye Apple youve lost my custom..

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    Just small question to ask you guys.

    My 2011 mbp 15" also had hard freeze problems, but after update to mountain lion, I don't experience any.

    Is any of you getting same experience?

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    I have a similar problem even though it is almost one year old for my macbook pro 13. It just hangs without sign and I can't even move the cursor. It happens when I have several apps open and do a few CPU + GPU intensive task (but not taking 100% of CPU). Do I need to pay a visit to Apple Store in this case?

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    I got my problem "fixed" by uninstalling Flash Player from my OSX Lion. Got to install Google Chrome in order to view pages with flash content, as it has Flash embedded. I've now upgraded to Mountain Lion, but haven't installed flash again to see if this issue is solved in the new version of OSX. Will try this afternoon.

  • josephchew02 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    But I have the extension "clicktoflash" installed. Is it still be possible of the cause?


    The biggest problem is, I don't know it happens under which circumstances. It just happens randomly.

  • josevtome Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    If the problem is actually the Flash plugin, then I assume that the "clicktoflash" uses the same libraries that could be causing the problem... in either case, there's no confirmation from apple about the cause of this problem, uninstalling flash worked for me, no more freezes, but I don't know if it's just a huge coincidence because, as you said, it is a very random problem, in my case it presented frequently at boot.


    I'll update when I got flash reinstalled on Mountain Lion!

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    Hi and hello from Finland


    there is plenty of MacBook Pro's out there, where is too much thermal paste between CPU and cooling element.


    Same thing happened to me with 2012 Early MacBook Pro. Temperature monitor showed 96 C (204.8 F) even then, when I did not run any applications.


    Apple refused whole thing and I did open my laptop, removed cooler and element and voilà!


    Thermal paste was all over the CPU and when it's added more than a drop (and now we are talking amount of the teaspoon, what I got inside my MacBook Pro), then it isolates CPU from the cooling element.


    I cleaned the cooling element and CPU with pure alcohol, let it dry and added a little drop thermal paste to CPU and then I put all the components back to laptop.


    After that I have had not crashes at all and CPU temperature is 45 C (room temperature is 28 C) when I'm writing this.


    And nowadays, my MacBook Pro's CPU temperature newer goes over 90 C. Even when gaming.

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    Josevtome. I been told the same thing.   To uninstall flash ... And then reinstall it or try it without flash program!  No test have caught this.  I had to send my data to the apple engineers.  People stop wasting your time visiting them and try this first.  Mine happens every few months then will stop.  But as of now I don't have flash and it's been fine. Weird how iMac doesn't have this issue ....


    Honestly as far as reliability goes it has been average now to pc.  Without flash on a computer is pretty sad for a $2600

    Laptop.  Just makes me mad. I probably will be done with apple products after my products burnout. 

    Other competitors may copy the looks etc but least it's cheaper and just as good and sleek now.


    If the new update works with flash let me know

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    so after 5 trips to thr apple store atill the problem continues. They restarted my whole system then gave me a new hard drive and new wires and still the computer contiinues to freeze. really getting annoyed wtih this now. apple needs to figure this out because its been going on for like a year now.

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    MacBook Pro Early 2011 17" here...had it 1 1/2 years, no AppleCare (why would I want AppleCare?  It was my first Mac and all the hoopla and praise told me this was the best computer I'd ever have). Recently I began experiencing intermittent artifacts, freezes and reboots in both OSX and bootcamp and now it's officialy dead. Can't even startup in safe-mode.


    It only happened when the fans would kick on and I think it was happening when the computer switched from integrated Intel graphics to AMD.


    So, I'm now going to buy a  PC.  Never will I purchase a MacBook and I will make sure to NOT recommend them to my friends.


    p.s.  Apple, remember when Time Magazine referred to you as "arguably one of the worst-managed companies in the industry", February 1996?  Do not get to big for your britches...remember your history and admit to your mistakes.