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    Yowza!! That's some hardcore advice there, "fly away on a bullet"!

    Might try it once my laptop finally breaks down, am still able to get it to work now and then with the help of GfxStatus.


    Did some research on the internet and found some advice along the same lines: en

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    Hi guys


    I'm new to this thread and I got exactly the same issue.

    As this GPU problem related to the heat, I'm curious would re-apply thermal paste help? (sorry have no time read the rest 122 pages)

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    It helps ,


    The problem with Apple is they apply to much on it ! It makes no sense .Bad production

    Clean it , bake it , re-apply it ( use ARCTIC SILVER 5 ) .

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    Anyone heard back from Apple?!


    I really can't see how Apple could argue this doesn't qualify for a recall!!

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    Have you asked Apple? This is a user to user site.

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    Yes I have a few people in this thread.


    Nothing wrong in finding out if anyone's heard back, so we can understand Apple's stance regarding this. Hence my question to the other users.

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    ahmeds84 wrote:


    Yes I have a few people in this thread.



    Nothing wrong in finding out if anyone's heard back, so we can understand Apple's stance regarding this. Hence my question to the other users.


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    My early 2011 MacBook Pro 15 inch just died the other day. I was getting static/glitching on my external monitor and on my laptop display. At work it completely died on me and I was unable to turn it on... It would get stuck on a white screen and it refused to boot. I was able to get into safe mode once, and when I ran tests on disk utility it ended up freezing. After this I was only able to get into osx utilities. I visited my local Genius Bar and they hooked me up with a thunderbolt cable so I could get my data off with target disk mode. I tried reinstalling the os, but I ended up getting the same problem in the OS X utilities menu. I brought it in to get diagnostics done overnight, they promised it would be done the next-day. Well they didn't call me, and when I called them they said they would call me when they're done... So much for 'next-day.' I'm really ****** because I know I have the same problem as everyone else and I'm probably going to have to pay for a repair that's completely they're fault. If they can't stand behind they're products I'm just going to end up buying a windows pc again. Who buys a 2500 laptop that lasts for two years? I'm going to show the manager this thread when I go to pick up my laptop and hopefully they stand behind they're products...

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    Same problem here. From Italy. Apple must solve the problem. It's clearly an issue related to the graphic card and it's a "bad manufacturing" problem.

    I'm still able to use my macbook pro with the integrated card, but i'm never sure if the computer will start up when i shut it down.

    Apple MUST take care of this problem. we shoul, all of us, write to aplle reguarding this.

    I spent 2000 euros for this machine because I never had problems with mac before. And because of this I bought an apple agiain, but now I feel I've benn scammed.

    Apple take care of this!

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    Picked up my mbp at 10 am today. It died on me at work again at 4pm. I went back to the Genius Bar and showed them pictures of the glitching and this thread and told them how the amd 6750m is causing the problems. They treated me like an idiot and said the people here don't know what they're talking about and they only listen to the technicians in the back. The genius technician said its a software issue. These are the same geniuses that said my computer was running strong and GOOD TO GO at 10am this morning. So frustrating, I'm looking at a week now to get my computer repaired, I use this thing for work, seriously. So now I have to wait another 48 hours for them to tell me something I already know, then pay 310 and wait another 3-5 days for their manufacturing errors. What happens if it breaks down on me again?? Thanks for selling me a defective computer and pushing back my business projects another week! How can I recommend any apple products to anyone when I get this kind of service and a machine that lasts for two years??

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    I had this problem in 2011, with a brand new top-specs MacBookPro. Luckily enough, I've bought it from a reseller - a serious responsible premium reseller. I've taken the computer back, shown this thread, and they have changed motherboard. Problem solved.


    Use the Apple feedback, not the user forum, if you want Apple to hear your voice. I would report the name of the Apple Store employee that mistreated you. Somebody in this thread wrote to Tim Cook, and they got their Mac fixed (read back). Since this accident, I try to buy only from a reseller. Serious companies don't escape. I think that at the Genius bar you can find either exceptional technicians or idiots, as the one that didn't respect you. Good luck.


    P.S.: reading your post enraged me very much. I am a strong Apple supporter. And I am ashamed of this behaviour from Apple.

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    Luckily I bought AppleCare on my MBP. I already took the machine back 3 times.


    Trip 1: issue not resolved

    Trip 2: Replaced logic board - took them 2 weeks to figure

    Trip 3: Replaced logic board, both RAM modules


    Not sure what else is going to come up -


    My iMac works great after 5 years, so is my iPad.


    This particular model (early 2011 MBP) - bad beyond belief


    Apple worked hard to reach the top, They are slacking.  it is time for Apple to keep working hard!

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    I called Apple Support. I upgraded to an employee impertinent.

    It did not help.

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    After my third trip to the genius bar yesterday, the genius helping me out let me know that my problem was indeed the AMD 6750M and informed me that I would need a new logic board. So I decided to call customer relations to see if they could help me out. I was pleased with customer relations' service. Although they didn't offer to repair my Macbook Pro for free, they did offer a 50% discount. I was happy enough with the fact that I would only have to pay $150 to get my logic board replaced.


    I didn't have much hope about getting any sort of help, due to the fact that I was out of warranty and additionally I never purchased Apple Care. My advice to anyone who's having the same problem as me, would be to call customer relations and explain your issue and maybe they will help you like they did with me. The number is 1-800-676-2775, give it a shot, you have nothing to lose.


    I was just polite and told them about the problems I was having, and I cited that there were many others that were having the same issue with the AMD 6750M via the Apple forums & Macrumors. Additionally, I stressed that I purchase Apple products at a premium because I believe in the superior build quality, however, I felt that my Macbook Pro fell short of that standard. I told the rep that I believed that I have a defective AMD chip and it's not fair for me to have to pay for a repair thats my fault, etc.


    All the representatives on the phone support were really great, they seemed like they genuinly cared and they wern't in a hurry to get me off the phone. Throughout the whole ordeal there was really only one employee in the Apple Store that frustrated me, everyone else was very nice. It's a bummer that I've been without my computer for almost a week now, especially because I need it for work, but I guess everything can't be perfect. I'm just glad I was able to get a discount on the repair.