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  • BiggAW Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I have a 15" early 2011, and I am ******. I have been to the Genius Bar twice, once where they guy took the machine apart and it started booting again (but quickly had more issues), and a second time when the guy tried to convince me that I had plugged too many things into the logic board and that killed it.


    I emailed Tim Cook (which EVERYONE else should do as well) about the issue, and someone from his office called me back. They had me talk to a technical person, who was very nice, and collected info about the machine. The office person then called me back and told me that Apple was only looking at my case alone, and that I would have to pay for a repair. ***? The whole point is the TREND. I tried to tell them that, but they didn't seem to understand that basic concept. They should have the repair data to show that these things are defective. I'm not sure if they're trying to cover this up, or if the people who have heard about this haven't been able to get it to the right people who could put the pieces together and DO SOMETHING about this.


    Now I am still stuck with a totally broken laptop, I am currently using my old Blackbook which is slow as molasses compared to the now broken MBP. I just moved so I've been pretty busy and rather worn out, BUT I am going to finish researching my legal options at some point, and if I think I have a case, I'll bring it to small claims court.

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    ----read this people----


    i had this same issues




    Update your verision. IF you have an old verision then the update should fix it.


    - i had a 17inch macbook pro but they gave me option replace or fix it with update.



    i went through all your guys problms of logic board replacements etc etc....


    IF this doesnt help then im sorry. I would recommend just selling it off to people that buy back old macs ....

  • Olajide Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is so sad.

    Same problem.

    Over 2100 turn to scrap!

    Apple still keeping silent. Very sad!

  • BiggAW Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I'm running out of ideas. I don't know what to do with a dead machine that Apple refuses to deal with. I haven't investigated the legal side of it, that's sort of my last resort. How do we get Apple to actually deal with this issue and replace the logic boards?

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    I had exact the same problem here. I already sent the feedback to Apple and hopefully we'll get a solution from them soon.

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    I already sent feedback a while back, and haven't heard anything back yet.


    So what we know so far:

    - It's an issue with the gpu...gfxcardstatus to change to 'integrated only' will get your laptop working (using it now)

    - It's not unique to mountain lion...issue has been replicated on a number of different OS versions

    - Seems to kick in a bit under two years from purchase date...?

    - The Apple solution so far (replacement of logic board)...does NOT seem to work


    IMO, best course of action is if we make it clear to Apple that this is widespread, and common for the same hardware component! Sending feedback does not seem to work. I've seen mention of an online petition, or through the BBB?



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    Complaining to the BBB is like complaining to the security mall to that the genius behind the genius bar didn't treat you well, its pointless. The only thing the BBB is good at is "extorting" small businesses to fix their ratings with their absurd fees. It saddens me that some how the people behind the BBB were able to build such a business model that allows this sort of thing to happen.


    You think big businesses like Apple care what BBB has to say? Oh hey, Apple has a B- on BBB, better not buy me that iPod… BBB has absolutely no LEGAL or any kind of authority (even says so on their website), so its completely pointless for such a large company with such a large brand recognition to give a crap what BBB has to say...


    I understand everyone is frustrated with the issue on this thread, but BBB is certainly to lowest this thread has come.

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    +1, I have the same problem. MBP 15 early 2011.

    Apple! Any suggestions?

  • Olajide Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yesterday morning, mine decided to just crash entirely. Not even starting up. Hard drive probably got tired of all the crashes. Even Disk Utility cant fix it. Dont even think it can find the boot.


    Just sent it in for the 310. If it doesnt work and they are expecting to pay again, i am definitely getting the courts involved!

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    I have the same problem, my logic board death in my Macbook Pro 15 early 2011.

    Apple any suggestions? we are many users affected.

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    Seeing as we all have simular issues, and since Apple has obviously choosen to treat this issue asthough it doesn't exsist, is proof their concerns are only for their bottom line and not their customers. I believe one way to address the concerns of everyone on the form experiencing the same or simular problems is to get the media involved. I see there are currently 124 pages of individsuals providing input on their feelings about a wrong or injustice, lack of service from Apple, The Giant Computer Company. If everyone from this form were to choose one, two or even better, three major media network and bombard them with your complaints about Apple, I beleive the negative comments would get Apples attention via the networks.


    Just a thought,



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    This is so sad and frustrating.  I've already sent a feedback.  What else can we do??


    Another owner of an early 2011 mbp 15" here, it started booting to a white screen two months before its 2nd year.

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    I had an early 2011 MBP. They exchanged the logic board three times, and then they gave me a Late 2011 as replacement. It has worked well for 1.5 years.


    My colleague bought a late 2011 in january 2012, and has been using it everyday at work since. Today if froze with graphical artefacts. It works if you force it to use the internal GPU. No apple care. Probably just a toss-away


    Apple should acknowledge the problems with the 2011 models with ATI graphics.

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    Wrote Apple twice - no reply.


    Then I called them today and they said they had no "program" or knowledge about any issues. I referred them to this thread and asked her, how they could miss a 1800+ replies thread on their own discussion forum.


    Bottomline - they didn't want to help in any way, so now I'll take it to a repair store and get the issue documented.


    Extremely dissapointed!

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    I agree with the media suggestions.


    I think that if Apple continue to ignore this, going to the media might be a useful tactic.