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  • Chris Dolan Level 1 (5 points)

    Yes, it came with Snow Leopard. I've reinstalled Mountain Lion now, so far no problems except my DVD drive being selective on which DVD.

  • ProteoMX Level 1 (15 points)

    Hi Chris. Good for you! Please keep us informed whether this makes a difference or not in the next days. Mine hasn't that odd behavior, I mean it has no good/bad weeks, (it fails every single day, as soon as the external monitor is connected) but at this point I'm ready to try anything.


    Good luck.

  • Chris Dolan Level 1 (5 points)

    I sure will. I ran it through graphic intseisty and so far, not a hitch. But I will surely report here the minute it does, which I hope it doesn't.

  • Robk93 Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay, so I cleaned out my macbook, and re-applied thermal paste. I can already tell the difference, when I run AHT (I can't boot...) I used to get a lot of noise from my fans, they had to work hard, now I feel the heat coming out much easier, and the fans have to work at least half as hard as before, tho the space around the processor and GPU feels alot cooler. It was definately a good idea to do that. The factory cool paste was a complete mess.

    The entire chip covered in a 1mm thick layer of paste, and while that's covered, there were  some 'clean' spots without paste between the thermal surfaces of the heatsink and chips. Where's the logic.... I'm actually surprised I didn't burn my chips in the first few weeks/months.




    But, I can't get my laptop to boot anymore, it would start up, give me the apple sound, I can hold alt to select which disk to boot from, but no matter what I selec t(OSX/windows/recovery partition), everything fails after that.

    When booting into OSX the screen just stays plain white, while the fans slowly increase their speed untill it sounds like the macbook is going to take off.

    When booting into windows, after selecting the 'boot windows normally', it flickers a bit before the screen goes black. note: when I boot in 'safe mode' on windows, I can use windows. But the screen displays vertical strips.

    When booting into recovery, these stripes appear for a moment, and then the computer crashes.


    resetting the NVRAM and pmu numerous times doesn't seem to help. In the beginnig rebooting several times and resetting these would let me boot, and then I would be able to work as long as I don't switch to the 6750m, but now I can't even get it to boot...


    (note: this was also the case the day before re-applying thermal paste, so no, I did not break anything. I have plenty of experience repairing computers)



    Any ideas?

  • ahmeds84 Level 1 (0 points)

    So frustrating that it appears Apple are just ignoring this blatant manufacturing flaw!


    Everyone shouldn't forget to fill a feedback form. I know it looks like Apple are just ignoring the forms, but the more submitted the more difficult it'll be for them to ignore them.

  • hoosierchick2012 Level 1 (5 points)

    I am taking my laptop to a certified Apple tech -- and I mentioned about getting this to engineering.  He said we could start the process of submitting info to engineering.  I'd like to submit this discussion board url  as part of the evidence.


    Someone else mentioned there were 2 other groups that had this type of discussion.  Anyone have the urls of those?  I'll add them too.  I hope that these disucssion groups prove that there are indeed problems with 2011 models.


    I think the firmware is screwed up.

  • saramwrap Level 1 (0 points)

    I'd also recommend reading/submitting:

    2011 MacBook Pro and Discrete Graphics Card

    problems with amd gpu on early 2011 macbook pro


    Those are the two others that I know of on these forums - but there may be more here, as well as on other Mac support forums. 


    My spreadsheet of user-submitted information about affected 2011 MacBook Pros currently has about 75 entries (and growing daily).  My goal has been to gather consistent information about which models have been having issues, what those issues have been, and what has or has not resolved them so far. 


    I am not convinced that the firmware is the culprit, as there are users having issues with a variety of combinations of hardware/firmware... and the issues have appeared at a wide variety of different times (from directly after purchase to just now) that aren't consistent with firmware updates.  I think there's a lot more that points to a hardware issue with the GPU or the interaction of logic board and GPU.  Also, given that Apple just announced a recall for some 2011 iMacs with AMD GPUs... I wonder if we will soon follow.  We just need to keep pushing info through every channel that we have, and I hope Apple engineering can do something!

  • Chris D'O Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello, here is just another similar problem


    I've got a late 2011 2.4 Ghz MBP, and started having problems last week with (what seems to be) a graphic card. I have the computer since 20 months, and has been working flawlessly until now, despite some randomly working fans : making sometimes lots of noise while not being particularly pushed.


    While launching VLC or Skype, the computer screen froze a couple of times (like the whole computer). When trying to relaunch the computer, small red dotted lines appear in the apple logo. When this occurs, after the screen turns black and then back to white, it stays white

    While the computer crashed while launching VLC or skype, i have used it for a couple of hours rendering a 20s .mov in After Effects and there was no problem. The fans were working as expected, full power.


    Since yesterday, i have tried to boot the mbp several times after a freeze (sometimes over 20 times in a row), and sometimes (occasionally) the apple logo boots up normally (without the described red lines in it), and either it works normally or either the user login screen appears distorted in different ways.


    Anyway, shameful problem for apple to have still unresoved this apparent serial defect for a relatively young product costing over 2500 EUR...Will file a report form too, despite from what i've read here there has not been useful answers from apple.

  • Aiwey Level 1 (5 points)

    Very familiar!

    replacecement program for 2011 MBP's SOON!

  • saramwrap Level 1 (0 points)

    In searching for other people having the same issues that we are (and there are several other smaller threads on here that also discuss 2011 MBPs with discrete GPU issues), I found the iFixit teardown of an early 2011 15" model.  They have a picture of the logic board with the CPU and GPU removed, and here's the comment beside the photo:

    Holy thermal paste! Time will tell if the gobs of thermal paste applied to the CPU and GPU will cause overheating issues down the road.


    It really is an impressive amount of thermal paste, as other posters who have replaced their paste have described.  I know I could do a better job applying that paste thinly and consistently - I've built enough PCs to have that skill down pat.  The paste on the MBP chips looks super uneven and messy!


    I am hopeful that a recall of our laptops will soon follow this iMac recall, as it seems to be in a very similar vein (AMD discrete GPUs of the same vintage causing weird graphics issues).  In the meantime, perhaps that recall will also help individual owners pursuing repairs, as now it might not sound as crazy to a Genius Bar employee that our laptops could have problems with the GPU.  But the most exciting thing about a formal recall (besides getting our computers fixed, for real!) is that most of Apple's recall programs (for other GPU problems, battery issues, etc.) have also included the opportunity to request a refund for any repairs you paid for due to the faulty hardware.  For me, that would be nearly $600 of parts and labor... and I know others have spent that much or more. 

  • Robk93 Level 1 (0 points)

    Do you guys think maybe we could work together, get a petition going or something? If hundreds of people complain (maybe publically somewhere) about the same issue, instead of all seperated in feedback forms, maybe they'll finally do something about it..



    I went to an apple reseller, and they told me it would cost at least 600 euros (800dollars) to get it repaired. That's nowhere near the 300dollar repairs I've seen many people with this problem talk about.


    At this point, the best thing for me to do seems to be baking the board and hoping that will work out. If that doesn't help, I found a lithuanian company that repairs A1286 logic boards for +/- 200 euros.

  • walkietokyo Level 1 (0 points)

    I'd like to chime in to say I'm having the same problems on my Late 2011 MacBook Pro (with anti-glare hi-res screen). I bought it in May 2012, so it is a few months out of warranty.


    Hardware specs

    Processor:  2.5 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory:  4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

    Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024 MB / Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB


    I was running Lion up until recently when I started getting graphics problems. I noticed the computer would get really hot when put under pressure, and suddenly the graphics started to glitch out. I decided to upgrade to Mountain Lion to see if there was an issue that would be solved with the latest OS X release, but things started getting even worse...


    The computer won't boot 4 times out of 5, it will get stuck on a white/grey screen after the Apple logo with the spinning wheel. If I leave it on this screen for a little while, the fans go absolutely crazy.


    When it does boot, it will lock up if I'm using anything graphically intensive and I've concluded that it's crashing when it's switching to the dedicated GPU (such as working in Photoshop, etc).


    If I use gfxCardStatus to select integrated only, it works mostly fine, however the action of selecting "Integrated Only" will have a 50% chance of resulting in a crash. When using the internal GPU only, the computer is holding a steady, cool temperature.


    I was initially under the impression that the GPU crashed because it was overheating, but I'm getting crashes immediately after activating it, so I don't think that's the case.


    I have done all tests and diagnostics I can think of...


    Repairing permissions

    Intermittently comes up with this message, but not all of the times:

    Permissions differ on “private/var/db/GPURestartReporter”; should be drwxr-xr-x ; they are drwxrwxr-x .


    Repairing disk (from recovery partition)

    Sometimes comes up with a message like the following, however I have a feeling it may be attributed to force-restarting the Mac multible times per day when trying to get it to boot...

    Incorrect number of extended attributes

    (It should be 1462569 instead of 1462568)


    Apple Hardware Test (pressing D at startup)

    Comes up with nothing ("No trouble found"), even when doing the extended test.


    PRAM / NVRAM reset

    No change


    Safe Mode

    Sometimes boots, sometimes not. I've had it end up in a blue screen...


    Verbose boot

    When booting the computer in verbose mode, the only mesages I see that looks somewhat like errors are the following:

    BootCacheControl: Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 No such file or directory


    [AGPM Controller] unknownPlatform

    It will then proceed to either hang on the white/gray screen or boot up with the same chance of success as usual.


    Reinstalled OS X

    I've reinstalled OS X Mountain Lion by booting into the recovery partition. It hasn't changed anything.



    By the looks of it, this seems to be a widespread problem with these Macs, I would urge anyone having the same issue to post here as well so that it can get proper attention with Apple.

  • Robk93 Level 1 (0 points)

    The computer won't boot 4 times out of 5, it will get stuck on a white/grey screen after the Apple logo with the spinning wheel. If I leave it on this screen for a little while, the fans go absolutely crazy.

    EXACTLY what's happening with mine. Only difference is that mine never boots. It started out the same as you, sometimes it would boot, but mostly it would have that problem. Now it became worse. It doesn't boot anymore.


    Prepare for the worst

  • walkietokyo Level 1 (0 points)

    I forgot to clarify that my MBP is 15-inch.