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    Dear Victor, I'm sorry not to answer you before, but It's been a while since the last time I checked this forum. I'll be glad to give you a hand with anything I can, but I'm not currently in Mexico (I live in Venezuela), so feel free to post here all your questions.


    Mucha suerte!

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    Hi you all. Like most of you, I had this problem with my 15" early 2011 MPB. I actually was able to reverse the problem by changing the thermal compound (I posted about it here), but the fix wasn't definitive; after a few weeks the problem came back, so I just kept using the computer by forcing the use of the integrated GPU with the GFX card software. The computer worked this way for a few months more, but one day it couldn't boot anymore. White lines appeared all over the screen as soon as I powered it up, and the boot process couldn't finish.


    At that point, I just gave up and moved on (actually bought a Mac Mini).


    However, in december I decided that I wouldn't loss anything by going with the last resource: reballing. Of course I was afraid of it but I had a two thousand dollars, useless brick laying around so it wasn't like I had another option (the cost of a new logic board is about the same of a new laptop around here).


    So, I took the time to look for a reliable shop here in Venezuela that could do the job and found one. They charged 2,500 bolivares for the job which is really cheap for bringing back the computer from death (these laptops, used, sell for 70,000 bolivares). The guy I talked to said they couldn't make any promises but the success rate was high, and sound professional and knowledgable over the phone, so I was convinced. They actually explained me that even if they could use lead solder, I should choose lead-free solder again, because it would deliver better working temperatures.


    To make it short: I'm typing this from the once defunct, two thousand dollars brick, which has been working just fine for a month or so. As they promised, the lead-free solder is somewhat cooler (even with the discrete GPU it runs well below 60's under normal use, and around 40's with the integrated one).


    If somebody needs the contact information of the shop, I'll be more than glad to recommend it. They're located in Caracas (Macaracuay).


    Best regards!

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    Just when I thought this issue was resolved, hard freeze is BACK...


    Apple replaced my logic board, hard drive and connector cable, I replaced RAM and upgraded OS all in early Jan.


    The machine was perfect for a month and then today on two separate occasions in the middle of tracking a song, display goes dark, all functions stop working, only way out is a hard reboot.


    I'm hoping that my logic board wasn't from the same vintage as my last one...and hoping it's just been a bad day and I'll wake up to flowers and birds chirping, and my MacBook Pro will just do what it was invented to do...WORK !

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    Hi all.


    I have the same freezes since september 2013. I managed to get my macbook pro work stable for some  (no freezes at all) by disabling the descrete graphical card. (disabling the kext files). 

    My macbook pro is still running on lion and I would like to upgrade to Mavericks.

    Any one expierence with the upgrade and the freeze problem? Will it freeze during install? thx

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    People reported, that under Mavericks thing are getting worse, and I am trying to downgrade from Mavericks to SnowLeopard, but I dont think I can find suitable copy for my machine (early 2011 MBP)...

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    What was on the Mac when it was new?

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    I think it was Lion, but not sure as I bought used MBP with ML installed. Somehow today I installed it making two more partitions and made one bootable SL 10.6.7 and installed it on the other newly made partition.

    Anyhow I expirience that SL uses discrete GPU a lot more often than Mavericks (Crome, VLC, Skype - didnt try with Illustrator, Indesign or Logic yet, but i think like I know the answer. On normal usage browsing with Safari I get the same temperatures as in Mavericks (around 38°C), sometimes streming video even hotter (80°C)

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    Those temperatures are fine.

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    Maybe a few words on this topic from my side, too: I reballed the GPU, reflowed it, changed it against a completely *new* AMD Radeon chipset - nothing helped. But there is some kind of hope for you (even if it's not with the OS we all love). Do it like me and install Ubuntu on it. This way you have a fully working laptop (without the possibility to connect external monitors of course). But my intention only was not to feel *that* bad throwing away 2,5k euro hardware after 1,5 years. This way you would at least have some kind of consolation and application for your (dead) MBPs...


    Here is mine (only for those who believe it's not possible): pic.jpg


    Everything (except for external monitors) works extremely well with the newest Ubuntu 13.10. If somebody is interested in doing this, I could post a little how to.


    REMARK: Please let me get this straight. This guide would be only for those of us who completely gave up on hoping for Apple accepting the AMD issue and providing exchange. I love OS X, too, and would like to use it on my MBP as well. But this way you could have at least a bit more than expensive rubbish on your desk. This was the only intention behind my Ubuntu installation approach. Don't read my post as linux recommendation, rather read it as the words of somebody who is completely disappointed of Apple and their after sales support...

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    I would like to know in what way changing GPU with a new chip didnt help to solve the issue. How long did it last until it failed again? Just yesterday I have send my machine for a new GPU chipset replacement and I hope to get at least two more years with a new GPU chip...

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    Dec 2013 replaced 8 gig RAM


    Jan 2014 replaced logic board, hard drive and cable


    Feb 2014 replaced another hard drive


    March 2014 replaced another logic board after 16 day layover at Apple. Logic boards were on order and backed up.


    All repairs under AppleCare.


    No predictions about whether these fixes will hold.


    Question for other members and long time Mac users. Will this MBP issue prevent you from ever buying another MacBook Pro or any other Apple Product ? 

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    Question for other members and long time Mac users. Will this MBP issue prevent you from ever buying another MacBook Pro or any other Apple Product ?

    I don't have a 17" MBP but I do have a faulty 15" with the same GPU problem (now repaired with a new logic board under AppleCare - has been fine since the logic board was replaced in January of this year).




    I understand why Apple won't address this problem or acknowledge the defective soldering of the GPU - they are simply not equipped to do board-level chip replacements. Admitting fault would mean a revamp of the component-only replacement scheme that they have on and they are not ready to do so.


    In other threads, a lot of folks have complained that the lack of response from Apple has caused them to rethink buying Apple products. That's certainly true in my case. Even though my problem has been 'fixed' I expect it to return and once my AppleCare has expired next year I'll not be purchasing a new MacBook Pro. I've already taken delivery of a BTO 17" Sager notebook for heavy graphics use and am slowly segueing into using that machine. I don't like the new, completely closed systems of the Retina models and with my Sager I can customize to my heart's content. I don't much care for Windows 8.1 but I'm becoming accustomed to it.


    My concern wasn't that Apple's products are no good any longer - I think that they're fine for someone who has little demand for a customized system. The non-techie, maybe. But it's not for that reason that I'm phasing Apple products out of my life - it's the dishonesty; the refusal to take ownership of problems. That's not the Apple that I've known since 1978. The company's priorities have changed, that's all. They now make disposable equipment and that's not what I'm looking for when it comes to buying a computer (a cell phone, maybe, but not a computer).


    I didn't have any sort of particularly bad experience with Apple but I simply cannot abide the dishonesty, the shoveling under the rug of problems. I don't have nor do I need an iPhone. I don't need an iPad. I need a computer that works and that the manufacturer will stand behind. That's no longer Apple. I'll continue to use my MacBook Pro until it's out of warranty, as I said. I may even have the GPU replaced with a new, resoldered one. I'll use the machine until it dies or until I have no further use for it. But I'll never buy another nor will I encourage friends, family, co-workers, etc., to buy Apple products. I've simply lost my religion when it comes to Apple.



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    clintonfrombirminghamI did consider going Linux, but the real issue was the risk from the GPU.  Search "GPU failure" on  You will see a majority of windows computers.  I've worked for a computer company and knew more than ten years ago that ball grid arrays are problematic for solder failures.  


    I deliberately did not (and will not) buy computers with discrete GPUs.  They are too much risk.  They don't help my work.

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    Wow, ppxb, that is completely cool.  I gave you a like. I thought Linux might work, but I didn't know how to get Linux to install on mine.  My computer didn't seem operable enough to install Linux. I am glad to hear Linux worked.  That is cool! 

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    Macbook Pro 17" (Early 2011). Same problem developed very rapidly over one day, from graphics corruption when the ATi chip was being used through to grey screen on boot, and no access to machine. Will take to Apple Genius when I get back to London but I'm a little worried about the longevity of a logic board replacement. This seems to be the inevitable destiny of all of these macbooks with lead-free solder on the ati graphics. Would like a response from Apple on this of course.