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Richard Thomas Level 1 (0 points)
I was looking at a web site today and having an issue with the logging out/change profile update for the site. Site said I needed to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. I took a quick look at the Adobe site, uninstalled the old version of FP, then tried to install an updated version. Then the problems began...can't make any sense of the Abobe site...about all I have been able to figure out is that FP 10 doesn't work on a Power PC. Needless to say, I am a bit frustrated about all this. The web site ( doesn't work; YouTube doesn't work. A.r.g.h.h.h! Anyone have any suggestion (other than a new computer)...perhaps an alternative to FP??? If I need FP 9, which version? Thanks in advance...I'll try almost anything.

PowerBook G4, 1.67 mz, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 (46,565 points)
    FP version 10.1 is the last version that will work on PPC Macs. I believe that FP v10.2 is the current version for Intel Macs.

     Cheers, Tom

  • a brody Level 9 (65,736 points)
  • Richard Thomas Level 1 (0 points)
    Tom and 'a brody'
    Thanks for the good try. I think FP 10.1 is the one, but I am at my wit's end as to how to get it downloaded and working. This is either more complicated than I imagined, or I am doing something so incredibly stupid that it won't work. Can't tell how many times I have been in the Adobe loop and what all I have downloaded in the way of Flash download folder was overloaded - now everything is in the trash. Right now the Flash Player icon is in my Applications folder; About Flash Player reads Version (10.1). Am unable to get it to work on either YouTube or the web site where I started this little trip ( Any more ideas???
  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,755 points)
    You can check here: to see which version you should install for your Mac and OS. Note that version 10,1,102,64 is the last version available to PPC Mac users. The latest version, or later, is for Intel Macs only, as Adobe no longer support the PPC platform.

    You should first uninstall any previous version of Flash Player, using the uninstaller from here (make sure you use the correct one!):,os=m10.6,

    and also that you follow the instructions closely, such as closing ALL applications first before installing. You must also carry out a permission repair after installing anything from Adobe.
  • Richard Thomas Level 1 (0 points)
    I think I followed your directions...downloaded and installed FP (V 10.1). The icon is in my utilities folder, where I assume it belongs. When I click on it, up comes the Uninstall window. I'm afraid to follow that thing...I've done it before and it does what it says...uninstalls, and I have to start over. When I click on the Adobe icon in the dock to open Flash Player, it apparently opens, but I'm not sure what to do with it. FYI, I still cannot open YouTube in Safari...I can open YouTube in Firefox, but I'm thinking that is because Flash Video Downloader is in there. Unless I can figure out how to get FP to work in Safari, I'm afraid my next stop is the Genius Bar at an Apple store. What do you think? Any more ideas?
    Thanks again...
  • Limnos Level 8 (47,220 points)
    While there is a standalone Flash player, I have never gotten it to work, but that doesn't matter since you never really need it. What you need to do is install the relatively invisible plugins which won't show up as applications in the utilities folder or dock. They work inside your web browsers which is where you really need Flash. Don't confuse the player application with the installer and uninstaller applications.

    Download the uninstaller and the last version of the installer for PPC (per previous instructions).

    Make a complete bootable backup of your hard drive. That way if anything happens that you don't like you can boot from the backup and clone back again to be where you started.


    Verify your hard drive with Disk Utility, and if all is reported okay, repair permissions (this is just to make sure all is okay).

    Back up your hard drive to a bootable clone. If you don't have one of these then you have a lot more to worry about than running the Adobe software.

    Run the uninstaller.

    Run the installer.

    Repair permissions using Disk Utility.

    Probably a reboot wouldn't hurt at this point.
  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,755 points)
    Adobe Flash Player installs itself all over the place, but your utilities folder is not one of them. What you have there is the uninstaller.

    Its proper home is in the Hard Drive/Library/Internet Plugins folder.

    Either you only downloaded the uninstaller or the install went badly wrong.

    Follow the instructions from Limnos.
  • Limnos Level 8 (47,220 points)
    You might want to note I just went to the Adobe site as per your link and the only version of Flash it is now offering for 10.4 is the Intel version.
  • Limnos Level 8 (47,220 points)
    I should have added, Adobe says, "Adobe recommends that you restart your computer before you install a different version of the player." Of course you should also quit any other applications before uninstalling and installing. To play it safe you could even do all this while booted to Safe mode.
  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,755 points)

    Unhelpfully, if you want the last version for PPC Macs, you need to go here: and scroll down to 'Archived Versions/Older Archives'. The first one on the list, Flash Player 10.1 is the one you download. More information here:

    Aren't Adobe wonderful?!
  • Limnos Level 8 (47,220 points)
    The first one on the list, Flash Player 10.1 is the one you download.

    The one that says:

    Older Archives
    * Flash Player 10.1 (81.7 MB)

    contains for Mac: Flash Player 10,1,82,76 and Flash Player 10,1,53,64

    I'm checking out:

    (Released 11/04/2010) Flash Player and (126 MB)

    instead since that seems to reference the last version for PPC. (It takes 20 minutes to download with my connection; it might be worth checking
  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,755 points)
    I noticed that also. My hope is that it will auto-update once installed!
  • Limnos Level 8 (47,220 points)
    Not too sure what you mean by auto-update. I have the next-to-last version on my computer and when I get notice of not having the last it just takes me to Adobe's regular page with its unhelpful instructions. In the end I had to DL the 126 MB archive twice because the first time it was corrupted. That hasn't happened to me in many GB of DL so I tend to blame Adobe. Then there's multiple-platform, multiple-versions in there so you have to choose the 7MB file which is the reason they had you DL nearly 18x as much as you needed to...

    The file you need is []
  • K Shaffer Level 6 (12,577 points)
    When you do get the last supported versions of Adobe Flash player and Shockwave player
    for PPC-based Macs (G4/G5) the web page should load fine.
    This does so on both my G4 Macs running Tiger 10.4.11 & another G4 with Leopard 10.5.8.

    {OOPs... now it doesn't seem to work.
    Says servers are not working;
    yet chat indicates others see it!}

    Flash player 7.6MB
    Shockwave player 3.7MB
    +{don't see where these would be 80 MB files}+

    With changes in how Adobe addresses accessing their product downloads, that can only
    add another layer of confusion along with the tedium of dealing with them & their products.

    Oh, there also is a newer version of Adobe Reader; you can get an update within the Reader
    application since you can check for them within it while it is running.

    Usually, you don't Uninstall the Flash or Shockwave players before you get a known good
    version for the system you are attempting to update. The players may be needed to access
    the web pages you navigate to before you find & install the correct replacement player(s.)

    Looks like I may have to save the page URLs to Adobe's Flash player archive; in case my
    Macs may need a replacement or later version Player download. I save this kinda stuff
    for later re-use, with more than one computer using similar OS version player.

    You may do well to update any browsers you have, too. Firefox has a few newer ones,
    the 3.6.14 is available if you don't go beta version. Camino was still at 2.0.6. Opera
    may have something newer, etc. Check your choice of Flash/Shockwave player against
    the browsers and OS X version you have.

    It's always fun to update third party stuff.

    You may have to contact the web master
    of the page to ask if they're not able to
    use the older Flash version support there.

    Good luck & happy computing!

    +{ edited }+
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