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In the last week my 3G has suffered a significant loss of battery life in short time periods, from being fully charged to zero within 4hrs or less.

I thought I was the only one with this issue, but I started asking questions in the office and many of my colleagues are experiencing the same problem over the last week. In total 7 of them with either 3G or 3GS are having the same issues of reduced battery life and hot handsets when charging.

Accompanying this battery issue we are all suffering from poor connection, calls going straight to answer phone and the voice mail notification being received about 3 to 4 hrs after the message has been left.

The strangest of all is that these problems have all developed to all of our iphones roughly at the same time, very strange.

We've tried rebooting, switching off wifi, nothing seems to be working. Does anybody have any ideas or advice?

HP, iOS 4
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    Do you and all of your colleagues have 3G turned on in settings? I ask, because in low 3G signal areas the iPhone will continually try and maintain the 3G connection. This will burn through battery. Since this is happening to everyone, I'd start looking at a tower/signal problem. Try turning 3G off in settings.
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    Thanks for the advice, I try it. Although a signal problem maybe the answer when we are all in the office but we are all suffering the same issues when at our individual homes where signal strength is not an issue, but I'll try anything at present, thanks again.
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    As per my previous message. My colleagues and I had an issue with the battery life with our iPhone 3G and 3GS. At the beginning of March we all suffered from rapid battery life loss and associated with this the handset were getting quite hot. After a few days it almost rectifed itself with everyones phone at the same time. Now it has happened again, returning to work this morning it would appear that over the weekend we have all suffered from the same rapid loss of battery life. This cannot be coincidental! Has ayone else noticed this recurring battery life problem?
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    I'm getting the same issue. I tried a restore, power cycling, resetting, nothing works. The only intensive thing I do on it is an hour of music playing in the morning. I've never had an hour or more dramatically reduce the power level. Is there some sort of fix for this. I heard that apps that are incorrectly programmed can run in the background even after you've closed them. Is there a way to see if this is occuring??
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    I am getting exactly the same problem and it started at the same time. What is going on? My phone is useless. It dies within a few hours without me even using it.
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    Did you updated to 4.3 or 4.3.1? I am having the same problems, but mine started with the updated to 4.3 (and subsequently 4.3.1 when the release notes said that it would help my international roaming problem).
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    Same issue here and I'm running 3.1.3. An app is showing the temperature inside my iPhone to be 100F in standby! I won't be surprised if Apple has placed a self destruct chip in our phones