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Hi everyone,

Sometimes I need to draft an email in Outlook on my laptop and then send it later using my iPhone (as I am travelling and do not want to boot-up my laptop).
I create the email and it is placed in the Draft-folder in Outlook.

When opening the Draft-folder on the iPhone, I see the email but I do not have any options to send or format the email.

Is it possible to send emails from the draft folder via the iPhone?

The system settings are:
iPhone 4 - iOS 4.0.2
Outlook 2007
Exchange server

Dell, Windows 7
  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10 (93,760 points)
    Currently you cannot edit drafts created in exchange. A workaround would be to copy the contents into a new message & edit that, then send that copy.
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    Is there any way to send the mail from the draft folder?
    Formatting would be great, but mostly I just need to send the mail without formatting it.
  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10 (93,760 points)
    Is there any way to send the mail from the draft folder?

    I don't believe so. As I've already provided, copy the contents to a new email and send that.
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    The issue is you may have multiple people to address, can it takes to much time to input them all.  It would be great if you could save the draft in either the draft folder or the inbox on your laptop and then while away from the laptop call it up from your iphone and then edit if needed and select send.  This shouldn't be rocket science.

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    Agree completely. I cannot edit or send such a draft from my draft folder. Not sure what the point of a draft is in this context. It would be better if the iphone refused to display it, rather than teasing you with the impression that you have a draft you can use.

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    the only "solution" for now seems to be accessing your drafts via outlook's web client

    not exactly the best solution, but seems to be the only way to send that draft email on the go

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    Hi there,


    have you been able to find a solution to this?  I'm still struggling . .



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    This is an interesting question and one that I am seeing different options on the various phone platforms we are testing in our company.  We have an Exchange 2010 environment and testing with 3 mobile OS's (Windows Phone 8, Android 4.2.x S.A.F.E. phones & iOS 6.1.x) and seeing 3 different results.


    iOS devices (native email client) - able to see all drafts created in Outlook (syncing 3 months of email), but cannot send them (only Forward, Reply & Print).


    Android 4.2.x devices (native mail client) - able to only see drafts created today, but can send, edit, forward and add addresses for To:, CC: ...


    Windows Phone 8 devices (native email client) - able to see all drafts, send, edit and full functionality


    Even changing the Outlook options to save draft emails to the Draft folder, Inbox and Sent - similar results.  No settings in ActiveSync to limit drafts and no settings in our MDM Solution (AirWatch release preventing this activity as well for any OS.


    I would think that it is a mobile OS constraint and not EAS, since we are seeing varying results from the devices connecting all the same way.

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    It's been two years since this was posted and its still an issue. Does apple not have any solutions to this? We are creating draft emails for our users which they were suppose to utilize the draft on their iPad once in the field which contained custom headers etc for routing purposes but this is lost if they can't send the original draft but only forward as the forward does not have those headers.


    Does anyone know of a paid e-mail client that would have this functionality as the default mail client is obviously not functioning correctly.

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    agree vlnc@nt, it's very annoying that this isn't possible.  let's hope that the Apple fix it soon!