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Does anybody have suggestions for a HD webcam for the latest Mac Mini that will actually perform HD video calling (720p) in all applications that support HD video calling (like Skype, Facetime HD, Bria, VidyoDesktop). Please don't post a recommendation for a camera that doesn't support HD in more than the applications that come with the camera.

For instance, I have a Logitech C910 camera that supports HD, but ONLY in the installed Logitech Webcam Software (Logitech VID HD). HD does not work in any other application. I think that to fully support HD calling on the Mac, a camera needs to install it's own driver, and not use the UVC driver that is used by default by most Mac webcams.

MacBook3,1, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    My Blue Microphone Eyeball HD webcam did not come with any software, it works in everything that I have tried it in; iChat, PhotoBooth, FaceTime and aMSN.


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    Not to put too fine a point on it. . . I have no problem getting webcams to work on a Mac at decent resolutions, but I am specifically looking for a webcam that sends and receives 720p in applications that support 720p. I have yet to see a webcam that purports to be an HD webcam for the Mac that actually utilizes 720p in applications such as Skype or Facetime or others. The latest version of Facetime supports widescreen 720p, but I would wager that your HD camera would still default to VGA mode, David. Bria softphone also supports 720p, but I have yet to see an HD Mac camera that will actually send HD video.

    iChat and PhotoBooth do not support anything greater than VGA, so they don't really apply to my query.
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    Well according to Skype's website, only Skype for Windows supports 720p HD video calling. So no webcam on Mac, be it HD or not will support Skype HD video calling on Mac until Skype supports it on the Mac.

    Culled from Skype.com: http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/features/allfeatures/video-call/

    *The latest version of Skype offers the clearest, crispest, sharpest quality video calling, and High Definition capability. If everyone on the call has an HD quality webcam, you can see the video in High Definition.*

    *What you’ll need:*

    ** _The latest version of Skype for Windows_*
    ** An HD quality webcam*

    *A dual core processor, and a fast internet connection of 512 kbit/s or more is required.*
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    the only webcam that's 720p that I know of - & worth buying for the image quality (very close 2nd to the logitech) si the Creative Live HD. the only app that will see it's 720p resolution is BoinxTV for some reason.
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    Here's a blog post I wrote recently about how to hack at Skype a bit to get 720 resolution on a Mac.


    I've used this process with my new Macbook Pro's Facetime HD camera as well as with an iMac and a high end conference room camera through a video capture device.  It seems to work fine if you're willing to live with an older version of Skype until they get off their &^# and support HD.