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as soon as i plug in the ipad, itunes starts to sync it but stays on "syncing Ipad" (step 1 of 6) preparing to sycn" I can actually do some things, like drag music to the ipad, but it doesn't show that it moves out of the "preparing to sync". I've had to eject and cancel the sync without being able to really get around itunes with my ipad plugged in (ie. to make playlists, etc). The first few syncs were fine -- this only started last month or so. any suggestions? Otherwise the ipad works fine and charges fine via wall, etc. Sort of a pain though if i can't have a home base of a computer to organize all the media. Thanks in advance.

hp, Windows XP
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    Try restarting the iPad. Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button until you see the red slider. Swipe to the right until it powers off. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the Apple logo.

    Try syncing. If you continue to have sync problems, try disabling a/v software and turning off the Firewall.

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    Awhile back there were several similar reports--including my own. I don't recall all the recommendations, but, for some of us, the problem was a non standard video on the Ipad. Once this was removed, things worked OK, although I do recall at the time restarting both computer and Ipad from full shutdown. It's been a month or 2, but, I suppose, some of those posts are still around. (In my case, I actually left the Ipad in the "preparing" state for several hours to no avail before removing the video--which was only an 18 second product demo).
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    I've had various "slow sync" issues with the iPad for the past few versions of iTunes. One sure cure, for me has been a tip I read here...

    1. In your User folder/your name/Library, find the iPhoto Cache folder and delete it
    2. Then, open iTunes and with your iPad connected, check that your sync preferences for photos are the way you want them. You'll probably see a report dialog stating that "This iPad was synced with another library,... etc" Just click OK.
    3. Sync your iPad. This will cause the current photos to be deleted, and the new ones synced. It will take a few minutes, but the following syncs will be fast.
    3. When your syncing starts to slow down again at some point, repeat the above. I've written many bug reports to Apple about this, so maybe it'll be fixed in future versions.

    Hope this helps.