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    LowMemory...plist, is what diagnostics of iPad report for this process; with all the information about the virtual memory used depicted as different types of Pages; The size of the file I was trying to dowload was 39MB, eBook.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (45,505 points)

    Sorry but nothing in that made much sense to me.

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    Sorry for being vague;


    The issue: When trying to download/veiw large file, over 39MB ebook file in my case; iPad2 cam with small pop-up window: Not enough memory.


    I checked General > About > Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostic & Usage Data.

    There are crash reports( e.g LatestCrash-CitrixReceiver! where happens when I was trying to use Citrix), including many,

    LowMemory-2012-03-14-204745.plist files

    when I choose one of these reports I see another crash report: with information about ipad,...

    plus some information about different page files;

    e.g. Free, Active, Inactive,....


    SInce the LowMemory reports coincides with when I was downloading the lorge file and since I had the pop up menu; I guess there is something to do with memory usage of the iPad. I could not find any info about the physical memory, size or usage.


    You may try to send yourself a 39MB file( word,...which can be openned) and see if it happes on your iPad.

    Then we may find a solid answer for my question.



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    iPhone (June 2007): 128MB

    iPhone 3G (July 2008): 128MB

    iPhone 3GS (June 2009): 256MB

    iPhone 4 (June 2010): 512MB

    iPhone 4S (October 2011): 512MB

    iPhone 5 (September 2012): 1GB

    iPod touch


    1st generation (September 2007): 128MB

    2nd generation (September 2008): 128MB

    3rd generation (September 2009): 256MB

    4th generation (September 2010): 256MB

    5th generation (October 2012): 512MB



    1st generation (April 2010): 256MB

    iPad 2 (2011): 512MB

    3rd generation (March 2012): 1GB

    4th generation (November 2012): 1GB

    iPad mini


    1st generation (November 2012): 512MB

    iOS doesn't use swap space, therefore, only RAM will be available to processes. (That said, iOS does support paging executables.)

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