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I have a major problem here. While attempting a purchase in the itunes store a popup menu informed me my Apple ID did not exist. I retried making sure I entered it correctly. On the third attempt a Safari page opened up prompting me to make a new account. So I did so, entering the info exactly the same as had when originally making my account. The fact that it took the same ID and password suggests that somehow my account disappeared from their database. Once I completed the process iTunes and the store worked correctly except that the $42.14 I had in credit was gone. The other side of this is my iPhone still thinks it has the original account, so when I try to update any of my apps, it says "cannot connect to the store". If I try to update on my desktop, it says I can't update as I do not have the original apps to update. All 200+ apps and all my TV shows/movies/music is still visible and accessible on the desktop, just the store does not recognize them. I'm guessing that even though the Apple ID and password and personal info are the same, there must be a hidden account # that is now different. I need a way to rectify this. Even if I lose th $42.14 credit (which I would prefer not to) I need to be able to perform updates, as several apps no longer load, they tell me I need to do the upgrade in order to use the app again. To make matters worse, I have gone through the support menus to where I can email apple for help. It says I would get a response in 24 hours. I have tried this 4 times with no response at all, even after several days to a week. I also have not received the emails confirming that they had received my request for help. And then the other day I made an appointment for a genius bar session at the local Apple Store and did not receive a confirmation email, and when I arrived at the store they did not have a reservation form me. To compound matters further, both the staff at the Apple store and the people on the phone support told me that iTunes support is only done online and they are unable to help me. But if the online support cannot for some reason even accept my inquiry what am I to do? I am not in a position to pay $600+ for replacement content, nor should I have to. I am worried that when the new iOS 4.3 update comes out it won't let me update my phone. Any advice on how to fix this, or at least someone/somewhere at Apple where I can get help?

ps (I realize now that making a new Apple ID was a bad choice, but its too late now)

mac pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)